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Social media for small business
19 Apr

Social Media for Small Business Guide

There is nothing as beneficial as social media for small businesses. Every small business owner is looking for new ways to get their brand recognized by potential customers. If you aren’t aware, social media is one of the best ways to engage with your existing customers while attracting new ones.  Small businesses have a massive advantage over huge organizations when using social media because social media effectiveness is determined by engagement. If an enterprise doesn’t engage with its existing customers, it likely won’t succeed as a social media marketer. READ: How to...

6 Tips for Using Instagram to Boost eCommerce Traffic
10 Aug

6 Tips for Using Instagram to Boost eCommerce Traffic

If you're an online retailer, you know eCommerce marketing requires creativity and constant effort, all geared toward increasing website traffic and ensuring that, when a user visits your online store, they're there to buy. Instagram is an extremely effective marketing platform for online sellers, but getting the most out of it comes with some challenges. Compared to other marketing channels, including other social platforms, Instagram is unique in that it limits your ability to direct users to your online store via a link (so you won't be able to add links...

LinkedIn tips for your small business profile
24 Jul

6 LinkedIn Tips for Your Small Business

LinkedIn is a social media platform where small business owners and professionals connect to share information and strategies while promoting their companies.  With more than 850 million users (59.9% of whom are between 25 and 34 years old), LinkedIn is a great platform to establish relationships with other entrepreneurs, employees, and even potential customers. It's also a great place to get marketing strategy ideas, ideal for small business owners. LinkedIn is a fantastic tool to connect with like-minded individuals and promote your company if you're a small business owner looking to expand...

Facebook Marketing Trends for Small Business in 2020
15 May

7 Facebook Marketing Trends for Small Business in 2020

Facebook is the world's largest social network, boasting over 2.3 billion users worldwide. To date, Facebook currently receives approximately 1.49 billion active visits daily from its users, with more than 1 billion from mobile-only users. Even if you don’t have a significant advertising budget, creating a Facebook page for your business will help you communicate easier with people who are interested in your products/services and increase your brand awareness. If you’re looking to make the best out of your social media presence, here are some of the Facebook trends to...

How to Drive Traffic to Your Online Store Using Social Media
1 Nov

14 Tips to Drive Traffic to Your Online Store Using Social Media

You may have heard of social media's power and its dynamic role in building brand identities. So you must have set up your own social media channels for your business. Now you’re probably wondering how you can integrate these with your online store and drive maximum functionality from their potential to increase your sales.  The undeniable link between high traffic and high sales in physical stores applies to online businesses too. An eCommerce company that engages with customers using social media will get more traffic and, in turn, more sales. In this...