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16 Mar

30 WordPress Themes for Personal Trainers

Motivation is paramount in the fitness industry. Personal trainers output that internal process into their daily routine and convey that to their clients. As a personal trainer, having an attractive website to motivate visitors to schedule an appointment is success 101, so finding the best WordPress theme to grab people’s attention is crucial. A great WordPress theme can help in many areas. For example, having lots of customization options and excellent SEO support make building and maintaining your site a walk in the park!  In another blog post, we focused on how...

8 Feb

How to Enable Gzip Compression and Boost Your Website’s Performance

Did you know that if a website takes five times more to load, the chance of the user abandoning it increases to 90%? Google recently shared this stat in a highly informative research paper regarding SEO best practices, letting us know that page load times do matter, and very much so.  Not all websites are optimized the same way, and most have plenty of room for improvement. But the truth is that website speed is a challenging task to get by. Although we have covered our best tips for improving your...

6 Feb

Is Your WordPress Website Slow? Let’s Check Out Why

Website loading speed. These three words are pretty mystical, with many tasks hiding behind them. A speedy website prevents the visitors’ frustration and helps boost your conversions, especially if we’re talking about an eCommerce website. Conversions and sales are closely related in that matter. Visitor unsatisfaction, though, can be evident in all kinds of websites, for example, on your shiny new blog. If you’re a small business owner, you need to capitalize on the online world as much as possible to build your brand and start making a name for yourself....

3 Feb

HostPapa Brings the Perfect Hosting Match to Every Website This February!

Want to make sure your website is safe, secure, and backed up? HostPapa is offering a limited-time promotion to help you do just that! Valentine's Day is also the perfect time to show yourself some love and appreciation. Take some time for yourself, and do something that makes you or your employees happy! Whether it’s reading a good book, taking a long walk in the park, or simply having a cup of hot chocolate (or a cold beverage, depending on your climate) to reflect on your accomplishments. Get some unique gifts or gift...

24 Jan

45 Easy Linux Commands Every User Should Know

Linux is a powerful and versatile operating system that can be used in various ways. While it may seem daunting at first, with just a little practice, anyone can learn to use Linux effectively both for work and gaming purposes. Unlike Microsoft Windows, Linux isn't the most popular operating system, taking only 2.81% of the current total market share. Many professionals, though, use Linux for development reasons - on that front, Linux grabs a comfortable 40%, according to stats published by StackOverflow, a well-known forum for programmers. So it's fair to...

20 Jan

11 Ways Chatbots Can Help Your Small Business

As a small business owner, you know there are a million things to do and not enough time to do them. Small business owners have a lot on their schedule. Solutions like Managed WordPress Hosting leave all the heavy lifting to us, freeing up time from your schedule. Checking your finances, collecting information about upcoming new products, and running your social media - all these tasks require time and effort, especially for small businesses, which usually employ fewer people than major companies. You need every advantage to stay ahead of the...