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31 May

TemplateMonster is 20: Sharing Our Gratitude With Everyone Who Stands With Our Marketplace!

We have been dreaming of the bright and remarkable celebration of the TemplateMonster’s 20th birthday. Unfortunately, the war cast a shadow over our plans. However, it would be wrong to leave you without some bonuses as our sincere thanks to everyone who stays with us. On June 1-3, we grant up to 20% OFF on our ready-made templates. In addition to this, you can buy the discounted website and online-store creation services and MonsterONE. To learn more details, please visit our website. We are grateful to all our clients and partners for...

Small Business courses online that you need to check out
1 Mar

Small Business Courses Online: 20+ Essential Courses on Sales, Marketing & More

Starting your own online business can be both rewarding and challenging. Even if you're an expert in what you do (be it roofing, wedding photography, or financial coaching), running a full business requires a diverse set of skills. And when you're starting small, you may not have the budget necessary to delegate tasks to others. Everything, from marketing to sales to bookkeeping, will be in your hands. READ: Web Hosting Guide for Small Businesses | SEO, Web Design & More If you're a new entrepreneur looking for small business courses online, you’ve...

HostLabs is now a part of HostPapa's family
7 May

HostPapa’s Family is Growing

We’re growing together! HostPapa has acquired the US web hosting brand, HostLabs. We would like to give a big warm welcome to all the new members of the HostPapa family! This change will see the former HostLabs customers gaining an enhanced infrastructure with better performance and increased stability. They will also benefit from having access to a variety of additional services provided by HostPapa, helping them to achieve greater efficiency and giving them more ways to get things done.  HostPapa’s state-of-the-art servers offer robust and reliable web hosting, and the new...

Working From Home and Reducing Loneliness
13 Apr

Best Practices for Working From Home and Reducing Loneliness

Working from home can be great from several points of view, but it can also impact your productivity or make you feel lonely. Whether you’ve just started on this new journey following the events of COVID-19, or you’ve been doing it for some time and are just feeling lonely nowadays, there are several ways to make it work! And communication is the key to overcoming remote work loneliness. This article will share a comprehensive list of best practices for working from home to fight loneliness, improve your online communication skills, work on...

Apps for Working Remotely
27 Mar

The Best Tools for Working Remotely

Working remotely requires self-discipline to stay focused and flexibility so you can solve problems in new ways. To perform every part of your role and maintain a high level of productivity, you'll need to adjust how you work, heavily concentrating your efforts on project management, team communication, and collaboration. Thankfully, there are tools that can help you maximize personal and team performance in a remote work scenario. This article will describe some of the best remote work tools. Breaking these applications into categories, we'll give you several recommendations of apps or programs...

Tips for working remotely
24 Mar

How to Work from Home: 7 Productivity Tips for the Remote Worker

It's very common these days to work from home. If one day, you find yourself working remotely, you’ll need to adapt to a new reality and manage a sometimes challenging work/life balance.  On the other hand, the remote work life might be a lifelong dream that’s finally come true.  Whatever your reason for working from home, the first few days can be rocky. Even if you want the work-from-home life, it’s a transition that can be challenging, and it can knock you off your game. In this article, we’ll explore how you can...