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19 Dec

Follow These 11 Twitter Accounts to Ace Your Social Media Strategy

Social media is a massive platform that entertains, informs, and helps us pass the time. It provides companionship in times of loneliness.  Beyond that, social media is a great tool (if used wisely) that enables us to live our lives more efficiently. It provides us with inspiration, ideas, creativity, and valuable tips. It helps us foster old relationships, form new ones, and stay on top of industry trends and popular movements. Social media is the need of the hour for today’s entrepreneurs and business owners. A social presence on different social media...

14 Dec

The Value of Social Listening for Your Business

Research and careful examination are vital to get your point across to a particular audience. Listening to what your target audience wants and interacting with your followers is a common tactic crucial for a company’s growth. Social listening is all about the big picture, looking both inside and outside social media, but of course, within reasonable boundaries, so you don’t get lost in translation. If you have plenty of interactions with your audience on social media, you have much information to work on - from the conversations people have under your...

22 Sep

15 Best Graphic Design Tools for Creating Social Media Graphics

Social media marketing has become the most influential platform for modern business marketing. This highly popular channel has a broad range of applications, and while anyone can use it to market their products and services, real success requires both creativity and strategy.  One way to achieve great results is by using well-designed graphics to reach and attract large numbers of target customers. The majority of people are visual learners, and they will remember a brand more easily if they see rather than hear or read about it. That’s why having attractive...

Social media for small business
19 Apr

Social Media for Small Business Guide

There is nothing as beneficial as social media for small businesses. Every small business owner is looking for new ways to get their brand recognized by potential customers. If you aren’t aware, social media is one of the best ways to engage with your existing customers while attracting new ones.  Small businesses have a massive advantage over huge organizations when using social media because social media effectiveness is determined by engagement. If an enterprise doesn’t engage with its existing customers, it likely won’t succeed as a social media marketer. READ: How to...

Learn how to use tik tok for your small business
11 Sep

How to Use TikTok to Boost Your Small Business

TikTok has been around since 2018 but quickly gained mainstream traction and is currently the fastest-growing social media platform. Everyone - from celebrities to chefs to teens to cool grandmas are on TikTok - but just how much can entrepreneurs get from using TikTok for their business? On the surface, TikTok seems more like a place for funny lip-sync videos rather than a place to showcase products and services. But conversely, there's a lot of potential for small businesses and new brands to use TikTok and reach their audience in a...

6 Tips for Using Instagram to Boost eCommerce Traffic
10 Aug

6 Tips for Using Instagram to Boost eCommerce Traffic

If you're an online retailer, you know eCommerce marketing requires creativity and constant effort, all geared toward increasing website traffic and ensuring that, when a user visits your online store, they're there to buy. Instagram is an extremely effective marketing platform for online sellers, but getting the most out of it comes with some challenges. Compared to other marketing channels, including other social platforms, Instagram is unique in that it limits your ability to direct users to your online store via a link (so you won't be able to add links...