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1 Nov

The Ultimate Guide For Video Editing For Beginners

Modifying some raw video clips into something more organized and polished is video editing. It’s similar to making a sculpture out of a block of stone to come up with something that’s even more engaging and enticing.  Video editing is the key essence of top-quality social media videos, personal videos, YouTube videos, music videos, etc. However, before you begin, it is imperative to know about the aspects associated with video editing. Here we have explained some of those factors that will surely help you understand the entire process. So, let’s take...

Infographic header
4 Nov

Infographic: Five Ways to Avoid Plugin Crashes on Your WordPress Website

If WordPress is your CMS of choice, then you are likely using plugins. For WordPress, simplicity is the absolute priority, while plugins allow you to add all the extra functionality you might need. However, sometimes things go sideways, and a bad plugin or a plugin left without updates can cause serious problems. In this infographic, we outline the five essential ways to make sure a plugin doesn't crash your website. Remember to keep track of your plugins and always do your due diligence before installing a new one. Click on the image...

10 Jul

Infographic: Why Choose WordPress

A content management system (CMS) is a crucial part of having your website up and running. Through the CMS, you can create, manage, and share all of your website's content. Additionally, it also makes it easier for the search engines to index your website. Even if you are new to world of websites, you have probably heard about WordPress. It's because WordPress is the unbeatable market leader and the most popular content management system in the world. It didn't become that for no reason. In this infographic, we cover eight main reasons...

27 Jun

Infographic: Domain Email Addresses vs Generic Email Addresses

The email address that your customers and prospects use to contact you might seem like a minor thing. As long as you have a way for them to reach out, what does the actual address matter? In reality, it matters a lot. You can think of it as having your office in the center of the city vs a sketchy neighborhood somewhere on the outskirts. When you invest in a domain email address, there is a number of important aspects that you are going to cover, including the safety and confidentiality...

CMS comparison: WordPress vs Joomla! vs Drupal
11 Nov

WordPress Vs. Joomla! Vs. Drupal: Which CMS Is the Best for Your Website?

WordPress, Joomla!, and Drupal — these are three of the most popular tools you can use to build and run your own website. But of the three, which one should you choose — and does it really matter? If you choose the wrong CMS, i.e., one that’s too simple or too complex for you, you’ll get stuck and have a hard time moving your website over to another CMS. That’s because each CMS has its own set of themes and extensions which your website runs, making it incompatible with the others. This makes...

Why You Need Automated Website Backup
7 Nov

Why You Need Automated Website Backup

Any website owner knows how important it is to ensure that it stays up and running at all times, no matter what. A solid backup and restore service is vital to your website and business if you want to guarantee uptime for your followers and customers. But what elements need backing up? These include plugins, customized code, databases, scripts, and much more, so a typical blog post wouldn’t be enough. Or would it? Think of all the time spent editing your media, like photos and videos or any other content you might...