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How to edit your video to increase popularity
19 May

Video: How to Edit to Grow Your Popularity – Guide 2022

According to Statista, the global income for social media platforms in 2021 is estimated at $42 billion. Companies are beginning to understand that many entrepreneurs use social networks to increase revenue. Video marketing allows meeting the needs and requirements of your audience. To produce engaging video content, you need to capture professional footage and learn how to edit videos to grow in popularity. Follow these steps to keep your video viewers engaged! Experiment with Different Video Lengths and Choose the Optimal OnePay Attention to Post-ProductionCorrect the Colour Scheme of Your Clips to...

1 Apr

How to Use Video to Enhance Your Landing Page’s Performance

All over the Internet, optimized landing pages help websites close sales, get new email subscribers, acquire leads, or simply introduce a testimonial that primes customers for the purchase or furthers your branding. Long story short, landing pages help convert web traffic into business results. However, these pages can often fall short of expectations. Maybe they don't convert as well as they should, sales don't happen, or other desired business results fail to materialize in the way your business requires because the page’s content fails to connect with visitors.  Fortunately, professional video content...

How to Ensure Plugins Don’t Mess up Your WordPress Site Stability
19 Aug

Video: 5 Ways to Avoid Plugin Crashes on Your WordPress Website

If you have a WordPress website you are familiarized with plugins and all the actualizations they need. But even though they are very useful, there’s a potential downside to using them: they can break your website or cause other problems. There are a few things you need to consider when selecting and updating your plugins, in order to keep your website working properly. In this video, we’ll cover five ways to avoid some of the problems that plugins might cause. To see our full blog post click here. ...

Things to Check if Your WordPress Website Is Down
12 Aug

Video: Things to Check if Your WordPress Website Is Down

Adding features, installing new plugins, modifying your custom CSS files, and more! Your WordPress website is constantly changing, and this might accidentally cause it to crash or stop working. With all the WordPress features and possible errors, you may struggle to figure out where the problem is. In this video, we will show you the most common reasons why your WordPress website might be down and how to fix it. To get more information, you can also read our full blog post here. https://youtu.be/c-UKm__5BMc ...

Why You Need To Segment Your Website Visitors
5 Aug

Video: Why You Need To Segment Your Website Visitors

Customers expect personalization at every step of their journey. Your brand needs to know them, understand how they think, and, ultimately, deliver what they want. With so much competitiveness, experiences need to be relevant and unique to the end-user at nearly every interaction. But don't worry! In this video, we will show you how you can personalize your website using segmentation. With this strategy, you’ll also find out how you can use personalization on your website to drive revenue and growth. To read more about this, check our full...

29 Jul

Video: How to Choose The Right Domain

Your domain name and extension are essentially your website's first contact to your customers and visitors. It gives an identity to your website and works as an address. This is why you'll want it to be recognizable and distinct, but also short to stay in your visitor's minds. Not taking your domain name and extension seriously would be a huge business mistake. But don't worry! In this video, we share some tips and the basic information you need to make the right choice for your business website. You can...