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The fastest, easiest way to deliver WordPress around the world

$19.95/mo* Get Started
  • 1 Fully Managed WordPress site  
  • 25GB SSD Storage  
  • 100,000 Website Visits  
  • Free Standard SSL Certificate  
  • Automatic Offsite Backups  
  • Real-time Malware Scanning & Patching  
  • Enterprise Global Content Delivery Network (CDN)  
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Need more resources for your growing business? We’ve got you covered.

$39.95/mo* Get Started
  • 1 Fully Managed WordPress site  
  • 50GB SSD Storage  
  • 250,000 Website Visits  
  • Free Standard SSL Certificate  
  • Automatic Offsite Backups  
  • Real-time Malware Scanning & Patching  
  • Enterprise Global Content Delivery Network (CDN)  
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Don’t worry about resource limits. Ideal for medium to larger companies

$69.95/mo* Get Started
  • 1 Fully Managed WordPress site  
  • 100GB SSD Storage  
  • 1,000,000 Website Visits  
  • Free Standard SSL Certificate  
  • Automatic Offsite Backups  
  • Real-time Malware Scanning & Patching  
  • Enterprise Global Content Delivery Network (CDN)  

You really can have it all

Who says you can’t have it all? With Managed WordPress from HostPapa, you get world‑class site speed, enterprise‑grade security, and ease‑of‑use right out of the box, plus, peace of mind from day one.

  • Upgrade performance with the world’s fastest CDN
  • Put your site on security lockdown with global website
  • Launch in seconds with an easy, effortless platform
  • Experience award‑winning support

WordPress Hosting to propel your business!

Starting at just $19.95/month*

Superior customer experience

A Superior Experience Everywhere in the World

Accelerate your WordPress site with Global Edge Hosting Locations and over 250 caching locations. We deliver your website as close as possible to your site visitors globally, ensuring users get the best experience no matter where they are in the world.

Convert More Visitors to Sales

How many customers are you willing to lose due to slow loading? Not one. That’s why we help you deliver a superior experience on mobile and desktop. Our platform allows for record‑time loading speeds all the time to reduce customer exits and increase conversions.

Supersonic speed

Boost Search Rankings

Search engines like Google place websites that load faster higher in its results. By boosting your site speed with our best‑in‑class, enterprise‑grade technology, you avoid penalties associated with slow load times and may inch closer to those coveted top‑of‑the‑page spots.

Ready at Launch

With a ready‑to‑go platform, every site is enhanced perfectly for WordPress out of the box. From Full Page Caching and Smart Routing to image and file improvements, your site is enhanced for the best possible performance and blazing-fast speeds from day one.

Built for Speed

Powered by Cloudflare Enterprise, our CDN places copies of your website around the world, with no costly plugins to configure. Our platform was built from top‑to‑bottom for lightning‑fast content delivery.

The safest way to deliver WordPress

Go beyond a free SSL Certificate with our Website Security Suite pre‑configured for enterprise‑grade WordPress protection. You’ll get the peace of mind that comes from knowing your site’s protected without the cost of extra security plugins.
Web Application Firewall
Double your protection with not one, but two firewalls. Every WordPress install receives a Web Application Firewall and Local Website Firewall to scan all incoming requests and strengthen your shield against online threats.
Real‑time Malware scanning and patching
Stop malicious requests before they even get close to your WordPress installation. Using Cloudflare Enterprise WAF, we provide SQL injection prevention, DDoS protection and block other security events.
Daily Offsite Backups
Every minute you wait for recovery following data loss costs your company. That’s why we automatically back up your WordPress every night. With 1‑click restore and recovery, you have your data back online as quickly as possible without all the usual delay and expense.
Website Analytics & Reporting
Stay up‑to‑date on security events with our integrated real‑time WAF reporting. With just a few clicks, you can see exactly what is happening with your website security.

WordPress at its full potential

Take WordPress to the next level through Cloudflare’s enterprise CDN, providing quick, secure and reliable global performance.

Peak Performance

Keep WordPress running at peak performance to make the most of your website.

Built Just for WordPress

Perfectly enhanced and configured for WordPress with almost no configuration required, so you’re ready to go in a hurry.

Calming solutions

Peace of mind

Cut down on website woes with Managed WordPress. We take away the stress with a low‑maintenance, time‑saving hosting experience.

Installed and deployed

99.9% Uptime

Continuous Performance Improvements

24/7 Award‑winning Support

Don’t just take our word for it!

Customers from all over the world rave about our web hosting. We earn top marks for superior performance, rock‑solid security, unparalleled reliability and ease of use. Not to mention our award‑winning customer support!

Check out some of the industry‑leading hosting review websites and see for yourself that HostPapa offers more feature‑packed hosting plans at extremely competitive prices.

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😀 “Growing My Digital Marketing Business With HostPapa”

Stewart Gauld


🤩 “The best hosting company”

“So far you guys are the best hosting company among others I have been dealing with in the past 20 years, Hostpapa is the best.”

Samuel Cheung

Site Owner,

🙂 “In 2 Days I Had My Website Up & Running ”

Silvana Santiago


😀 “Why Nonprofits Choose HostPapa’s Web Hosting”

Bob Askew


🤩 “Everything works well”

“Don’t change anything. Everything works well for me the way it is. Any issues or problems I have had with my site have been dealt with in a quick and competent manner. Employees are very courteous and helpful.”

Joanne Walmsley

Site Owner,

🙂 “Launching Your Creative Media Studio”

Jade Bechara

Co Founder,

🤩 “Double Thumbs Up From a Wellness Practitioner”

Sonja Courtis


🙂 “Couldn’t have had a better experience”

“Your staff were so responsive and sympathetic, thank you so much – couldn’t have had a better experience.”

Janet Rae Diveky

Site Owner,

Need help? The PapaSquad is here when you need it.

Whether it’s helping you choose a domain name, walking you through our website builder, or configuring your cloud email system for your business, our PapaSquad experts are here to help. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with your questions!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How is Managed WordPress different from other WordPress hosting solutions?+

Managed WordPress is a premium WordPress hosting platform that outperforms the competition while greatly simplifying maintenance.

Hosting solutions come in many shapes and sizes. Some are designed specifically for WordPress, while others are not. Those made for WordPress differ greatly in performance due to the limitations of the technology behind them.

Managed WordPress stands out with its best‑in‑class platform, uniquely designed to offer the ultimate level of WordPress performance. We have premium features and improvements built‑in from top‑to‑bottom with no need to upgrade or use extra plug‑ins.

Plus, Managed WordPress means your website works for you, not the other way around. Things like CDN configuration, core updates, plugin updates, theme updates, security and more can be automated by default or in a few clicks. We make it possible for almost anyone to launch and run a world-class WordPress with confidence, regardless of technical experience.

Basically, you get all the upside of a high‑performance hosting package without needing all the technical know‑how.

I’ve already got a WordPress website. Can I transfer it to HostPapa?+

Absolutely. You can transfer your existing WordPress website over to HostPapa’s Managed WordPress hosting platform. Better yet, we’ll transfer it for you at no extra cost.

Once your purchase is complete, just open a support ticket from your HostPapa Dashboard letting our PapaSquad team know that you’d like to move an existing website over to us! We’ll handle the migration for you, so you don’t have to worry about plugins, exports or other common migration headaches.

How does Managed WordPress reduce the total cost of owning a WordPress website?+

Managed WordPress is designed to be a high‑quality, best‑in‑class hosting solution. We give you a better overall solution and numerous “extras” that aren’t normally included with most hosting packages. By paying just a bit more, you benefit from premium performance, upgrades and add‑ons built right into the service.

Managed WordPress minimizes the need to purchase many costly WordPress plugins for common tasks, such as caching, daily backups, and file improvement. And with its Website Security Suite, each WordPress site on our Managed platform has numerous enterprise‑grade security features already built‑in.

How does Managed WordPress improve search engine rankings and conversion?+

Search engines reward faster‑loading websites with better search rankings, and customers expect immediate loading on desktop and mobile when they shop.

Every second counts when it comes to website speed. Whether on desktop or mobile, if every page on your website from home to “contact us” doesn’t load quickly, you’re likely losing customers and ranking lower in search results.

Studies show that slower loading websites reduce conversion by increasing customer “bounce rate” and page abandonment. For example, Google’s Core Web Vitals report cites that if page load times increase from 1 to 3 seconds, bounce rate increases 32%. If page load time increases to 6 seconds, bounce rate increases by 106%.

Managed WordPress lets you feel certain your customers are seeing everything on your site as fast as possible. The speed boost we provide makes them more likely to stay, shop and buy.


Go ahead. Take a peek under the hood!

Let’s get technical! At HostPapa, we pride ourselves on the power, security and reliability of our Managed WordPress Hosting – feel free to dig even deeper into our detailed specs.

To get back to the plan comparison overview, click here

  • Resources to grow your business
  • WordPress websites
  • SSD storage
  • Bandwidth
  • Monthly visits
  • Security – the safest way to deliver WordPress
  • Website Security Suite
  • Free Standard SSL Certificate
  • Website Application Firewall(WAF)
  • Local website firewall
  • WAF/CDN analytics & reporting
  • Real-time malware scanning and patching
  • Proactive threat detection & blocking
  • DDoS attack prevention and responses
  • Brute force detection
  • SQL injection prevention
  • Daily offsite backups
  • On-demand backups
  • Backup retention (14 days)
  • 1-Click restore & recovery
  • Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP)
  • WP-CLI and SSH access
  • Automated WP Core updates
  • Automated plugin updates
  • Automated theme updates
  • Best-in-class WordPress speed & performance
  • State-of-the-art performance servers and equipment
  • 99.9% Uptime guarantee
  • Fully-optimized WordPress installation
  • Enterprise global CDN by Cloudflare
  • Optimized Edge global server locations
  • Premium Edge global network
  • Full-page caching – over 250 locations world-wide
  • Mirage & Polish image optimization
  • Smart Routing, optimized dynamic content
  • Google font optimization
  • Enhanced SSD drives
  • Brotli file compression
  • Automated database optimization
  • Easy WordPress management tools
  • Unlimited & free full-service WordPress migration
  • Fully-optimized WP installed automatically
  • Free temporary sub-domain
  • HostPapa Dashboard
  • Easy control panel
  • Single Sign-on (SSO) to WP-admin
  • Automated database optimization
  • Automated WP Core updates
  • Automated plugin updates
  • Automated theme updates
  • Site visitor analytics
  • 1-Click staging site
  • Secure File Manager
  • WooCommerce enabled
  • Simplified database management
  • WP-CLI and SSH access
  • Git integration
  • Cron jobs
  • Award-winning customer support in four languages
  • Award-winning PapaSquad WordPress support team available 24/7
  • Free 30-minute WordPress training sessions
  • Unlimited & free full-service WordPress migration
  • 24/7 live telephone support
  • Multilingual Support (English, French, Spanish & German)
  • 24/7 email support
  • 24/7 live chat support
  • WordPress Knowledge Base
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee

The fastest, easiest way to deliver WordPress around the world.

$19.95/mo* Get Started
  • 1
  • 25GB
  • 25GB
  • 100,000
Launch Plus

Need more resources for your growing business? We’ve got you covered.

$39.95/mo* Get Started
  • 1
  • 50GB
  • 50GB
  • 250,000
Launch Pro

Don’t worry about resource limits. Ideal for medium to larger organizations.

$69.95/mo* Get Started
  • 1
  • 100GB
  • 100GB
  • 1,000,000