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12 Oct

How to Start an Online Boutique [Full Guide]

In this guide, we're going to cover every major aspect of how to start an online boutique. An online boutique is an eCommerce business that sells a curated product line targeted at a well-defined audience. A boutique can sell products created by the business owner or that were sourced from a supplier. Most online boutiques will be focused on fashion-oriented product lines and, in many cases, have a largely female target audience. If you're interested in starting your own online boutique, keep reading. This article will discuss why it’s a great...

How to Drive Traffic to Your Online Store Using Social Media
1 Nov

14 Tips to Drive Traffic to Your Online Store Using Social Media

You may have heard of social media's power and its dynamic role in building brand identities. So you must have set up your own social media channels for your business. Now you’re probably wondering how you can integrate these with your online store and drive maximum functionality from their potential to increase your sales.  The undeniable link between high traffic and high sales in physical stores applies to online businesses too. An eCommerce company that engages with customers using social media will get more traffic and, in turn, more sales. In this...

16 Feb

Infographic: 8 Steps to Setting Up Your Online Store

eCommerce opens up a lot of opportunities for practically everyone. You can easily run a successful business out of your garage, and you got all the tools to do it. However, to ensure you succeed at building your online store, there has to be a process. It may not be hard to set up, but you need to make you have everything you need done in a proper order. In this infographic, we have outlined the eight steps you need to take in order to build your online store. Read the...