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18 Nov

HostPapa Has Been Nominated for Monster’s Award 2022: Help Us Win!

Someone once said you need to know your enemy to win a battle. As odd as it may sound, some battles have nothing to do with rivalry. These are friendly duels where everyone will be happy to know that their opponents have won. Monster’s Award 2022 is a competition in the sphere of WordPress, and every expert can bear the palm. Have you ever dreamed of taking part in such a professional award? Are you ready to vote for your favourite web tools and specialists who won your heart? Let’s...

9 Nov

How to Build a Personal Trainer Website

You know you’re a cool personal trainer when words like bench, superset, and reps are genuinely familiar and consume more than half of your daily vocabulary. Do you know what’s cooler, though, than the energy drink you have by your side? Having a neat website to show off your fitness project to everyone! A day in a personal trainer’s life might surprise many people. They’re professionals with the skillset to help people achieve specific fitness goals. Whether it’s just simple weight loss or muscle building, a personal trainer is there to...

8 Nov

What is Visual Content Marketing (& How to Benefit From It)

Nowadays, brands are eagerly leaping onto new visual strategies for all the perks they bring. Statistics reveal that this type of content plays a significant role in digital marketing success. According to MarketingDigiBook, 80% of marketers use visuals in their social media campaigns. It benefits them with more traction and improves the conversion rate than plain text-based content. This article will discuss visual content marketing, followed by facts and trends you should know to make it successful. Let’s get started. What is Visual Content Marketing?How to Benefit From Visual Content MarketingTools to...

Renewal-Price-Increase-Header 2
7 Nov

HostPapa’s Renewal Prices Have Increased by $1 Per Month

As 2022 begins to wind down, HostPapa is hard at work for our valued customers. There have been a few recent changes to our web hosting plan and pricing structure, the most recent being the slight increase in the renewal cost of our plans. This $1 increase per month per plan will help allow us to continue to provide the quality of service our customers have grown to expect from us here at HostPapa. All existing customers will have their current renewal prices increase by $1 per month when their next...

2 Nov

How to Set Up a Successful Brand Ambassador Program in 2022

If you're looking for a way to improve your marketing and sales strategies, you should consider starting a brand ambassador program. A brand ambassador program is a great way to connect with customers and create brand loyalty. This article will discuss the best ways to set up a successful brand ambassador program in 2022. We'll cover everything from recruiting ambassadors to creating incentives for them. So, whether you're just starting out or looking for ways to improve your current program, read on! What is a Brand Ambassador Program? Step-by-Step Instructions to Set Up...

1 Nov

The Ultimate Guide For Video Editing For Beginners

Modifying some raw video clips into something more organized and polished is video editing. It’s similar to making a sculpture out of a block of stone to come up with something that’s even more engaging and enticing.  Video editing is the key essence of top-quality social media videos, personal videos, YouTube videos, music videos, etc. However, before you begin, it is imperative to know about the aspects associated with video editing. Here we have explained some of those factors that will surely help you understand the entire process. So, let’s take...