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Speed web hosting that will help improve your SEO tips
31 May

High-Speed Web Hosting—A Key Component of Effective SEO

Consistently ranking high in search results is crucial for your online business, and savvy website owners know that high-speed web hosting is an essential element of any SEO strategy. Google uses page speed as a metric in ranking your website. A webpage’s load-time affects user engagement, so a sluggish performance leads to a high bounce rate. Pages that load fast are easier for search engines to discover and index.  READ: [Full Guide] Web Hosting for SEO | Hit the Top Ranks This article will explore the SEO benefits that come with high-performance web...

Web Design and SEO for your small business website
17 May

Web Design & SEO — How to Optimize Your Site for Top Rankings

Web design and SEO are more closely related than many website owners realize. When trying to get their site to the top of search results, most tend to focus on keyword research, creating stellar content, and getting backlinks from high-authority websites, often ignoring website design as an SEO factor. Web design affects your site's speed, appearance, usability, and accessibility on mobile devices. A good design is flexible and easy to update for SEO purposes, while a poor design can make content changes difficult. These factors impact your search engine ranking and...

3 May

Top 3 Popular SEO Reporting Software for Clients

Do you want to use SEO reporting software for your clients, but you’re not sure where to start? Maybe you’re looking to change up what you’re currently using, or you want an easier option when navigating analytics. Wherever you are on your journey to measuring SEO success, implementing an SEO reporting software that works for you and your clients is vital. This post will begin to break down some of the top software in the industry that can provide you with all the stats you need to know.  READ: Full Guide...

SEO web development: all about SEO mistakes and optimization
5 Apr

SEO Web Development: Fixing the Most Common Blunders

SEO and web development go hand in hand. While often overlooked, a healthy on-page foundation can either be an absolute blessing or a hindrance holding back every piece of content and ranking from its true potential. It’s a big deal. Great SEO web development can be the difference between #1 rankings and endless frustration over low sitewide organic traffic. READ: Full Guide on Web Hosting for SEO | Hit the Top Ranks How does your site hold up?  Are you making errors that put you at risk for harsh Google penalties? Are you turning...

Boost WordPress Site Performance with Yoast SEO
17 Mar

Boost WordPress Site Performance with Yoast SEO

When someone searches for your business online, you'll likely not get the click if your listing doesn't appear near the top of the results page. After briefly reviewing the available links, a user will click one of the top five sites listed 67% of the time. Stats like this make it clear that WordPress SEO is vital. Nevertheless, many site owners don't give it the attention it deserves. Ensuring manual site-wide optimization is demanding, and SEO never seems to drop off the to-do list. This will discourage site owners from reducing...

Infographic: How to Write Effective Meta Titles and Descriptions
6 Mar

Infographic: How to Write Effective Meta Titles and Descriptions

If you're looking into different ways to boost your SEO, bear in mind that the first thing people usually see when they run a Google search is your website's meta title and meta description. This means your visitors will see the link to your website among many others, which is why getting their attention from the first moment is make it or break it! An engaging meta title is the first hook and an appealing meta description might be just what you need to get that click that takes...