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Meta Titles & Meta Descriptions
24 Jan

How to Write Effective Meta Titles & Descriptions

If you’re considering doing SEO for your website, you’ll be thinking about the big stuff, i.e. keyword research, back-linking, and more. These things are important, but they aren’t the only factors worth paying attention to.  What is a Meta Title?Meta Title Examples What is a Meta Description?Meta Description Examples Why Optimize Meta Titles and Descriptions?How to Write a Meta Title How to Write a Meta DescriptionHow to Optimize Your Meta Titles and Descriptions Sometimes, small things can have a significant impact on your website’s ranking and traffic. This is the case with your website’s meta...

24 Dec

Improve Your SEO with a Better URL Structure

Great content without the right URL is like a perfectly tuned car with no wheels—ready to drive you to success, but unable to actually take you anywhere! URLs are an integral part of an effective SEO strategy. Consider them to be one of the key ingredients to make your website easily accessible on the internet. Your site’s URLs should be defined in a consistent way that fits into a logical structure. The URL structure you decide on should reflect how your site’s content is organized and the URLs should contain the keywords...