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Top WordPress Hosting FAQ Answered
24 Aug

Your Top 10 WordPress Hosting FAQ Answered

WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems available today. In fact, over a quarter of all websites worldwide are built on WordPress. If you’re thinking about launching your small business website with WordPress, you’ll need to find a web host designed for WordPress hosting.  This way, you can ensure you’ve got the setup and support you need to take your website to the top. Do you have WordPress hosting questions? We’ve got answers.  What Is WordPress Hosting?Why Should I Choose WordPress Hosting?What Is the Difference Between Managed W and Shared...

Top 8 Live Chat Plugins for WordPress Business Websites
17 Aug

Top 8 Live Chat Plugins for WordPress Business Websites

In a world that’s becoming increasingly digitalized, having a website is crucial as a business. But merely having a webpage isn’t enough; it’s the software you install on your site that’s the real key to online success. And the latest must-have feature? A live chat plugin.  Customer service has gone digital. Whether you’re a freelancer or an eCommerce provider, consumers want to load your website and chat with a real person in real-time to resolve queries and complete sales. This is where a live chat plugin comes in. WordPress websites are fully...

You will want to downloand these wordpress plugins
8 Jun

Essential WordPress Plugins for Any Website Niche

WordPress plugins are essential tools to have an aesthetically appealing and fully functioning website. There are plugins for nearly every website function, so if you can think of it, there is probably a plugin for it! However, with thousands of plugins available, you can feel overwhelmed when trying to choose the right essential WordPress plugins for your business niche. The other problem is that having too many plugins on your website could slow down your website's loading speed, increasing your bounce rates and affecting your SERP rankings. And according to Google, a...

Check these plugins options to keep your WordPress secure
17 Apr

6 WordPress Security Plugins You Can Actually Trust

As a WordPress user, you probably know the importance of securing your website. There are many ways to do this, but one of the most important is installing WordPress security plugins to secure your website from prying eyes. No one thinks it will happen to them, but the reality of it is that WordPress websites do get hacked. And when this happens, website owners - especially those who haven’t taken proper security measures - lose valuable data and, in some cases, even access to their websites. If you don’t own a personal...

Infographic header
4 Nov

Infographic: Five Ways to Avoid Plugin Crashes on Your WordPress Website

If WordPress is your CMS of choice, then you are likely using plugins. For WordPress, simplicity is the absolute priority, while plugins allow you to add all the extra functionality you might need. However, sometimes things go sideways, and a bad plugin or a plugin left without updates can cause serious problems. In this infographic, we outline the five essential ways to make sure a plugin doesn't crash your website. Remember to keep track of your plugins and always do your due diligence before installing a new one. Click on the image...

How to Ensure Plugins Don’t Mess up Your WordPress Site Stability
4 Oct

How to Ensure Plugins Don’t Mess up Your WordPress Site Stability

It's common practice for WordPress website owners to install plugins to extend the features and functionality of their website. There are plugins that provide enhanced security and allow you to monitor your site's performance. You can install plugins that will manage your backups, help you run a forum or chat service, improve SEO, minimize spam, and perform countless other site management tasks. As useful as they are, there's a potential downside to using plugins: They can break your website! However, if you use them carefully, you'll have nothing to worry about. But there are...