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How to Use Google Search Console to Improve Website Performance
10 Mar

How to Use Google Search Console to Improve Website Performance

Do you have a website or are in the process of creating one? If so, then you’ll surely want to keep track of how your website is performing and be able to adjust both content and structure to increase those conversion rates. Google Search Console is a tool you should take advantage of, as it helps you track and improve your website performance on Google Search. It does that by providing invaluable insights on the type of content you should be creating to grab the attention of your audience. And...

Is time for a website refresh? Here we will answer
14 Feb

Is it Time for a Website Refresh?

First impressions are everything. You probably spent a lot of time and effort in designing the perfect website to promote your business. But once it grows, what worked when you started might not reflect your business today. Your website is typically the first stop your potential customers take to get an insight into your business and what you have to offer.  According to the article “Just Say No: 7 Website Design Mistakes That Can Hurt Conversion” by Maricel Rivera, 75% of consumers admit that they judge a business's credibility based on...

Heatmaps: What They Are, How They Work & Why You Should Use Them
12 Nov

Heatmaps: What They Are and Why You Should Use Them

Do you know exactly which parts of your website are favored by your visitors?  Wouldn’t it be great to know why your visitors click one call to action button on your website and not another? Or to know how much of your blog articles they read? That’s the power of heatmaps!  In this article, we’ll explain what a heatmap is, how they work, and why you should use them. We’ll also give you some tools you can use to create heatmaps and start making great website designs and eCommerce decisions. Let’s get started...

5 Ways You Can Reduce The Bounce Rate On Your Website
12 Jul

5 Ways To Reduce Your Website’s Bounce Rate

If your website has a high bounce rate, it means it’s not performing well.  But what is a bounce rate?  To understand this, let’s first look at what a bounce is.  A bounce is a web session in which a user visits only one page on your site. A bounce rate, therefore, is the percentage of sessions in which your visitors viewed only a single page on your website.  What Are the Consequences of a High Bounce Rate?  A high bounce rate means people aren’t browsing your website. They’re just landing on a page and...

7 Ways to Make Your Website Look More Trustworthy
14 Jun

7 Ways to Make Your Website Look More Trustworthy

Don’t think your website’s appearance matters? Think again. According to a study by Taylor and Francis Online, it takes a person less than a second to form an opinion about your website. If they get a good impression, they’ll consider browsing it. If not, off they’ll go. The scrutiny doesn’t stop there. If a visitor stays on your website, they’ll continue to judge its overall appearance during their visit. If people feel your website’s content or layout is unattractive, 38% of them will stop browsing. That’s a lot of lost traffic. Many...