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Infographic: Why Visitors Leave Your Website
11 Dec

Infographic: Why Visitors Leave Your Website

First impressions matter. If you want to know what kind of impression you’re making on your website visitors, there’s a metric to help you measure this. We’re talking about bounce rate, which reflects how many visitors leave your site after viewing only one page.  Bounce rate is important for SEO optimization and traffic conversion. If your bounce rate is high, you will need to make some changes to your website. In this infographic, we cover the most common reasons visitors leave a website prematurely. Click here to read the detailed blog post...

infographic header
28 Nov

Infographic: 9 Important Website Metrics You Should Track

In order to get the most out of your website, you have to track the right metrics and make informed decisions. Don't just go with your gut feeling, make sure to turn to the numbers for proof and guidance of any website changes you intend to make. However, not all metrics were created equal. Some can only tell you the full picture when keeping other metrics in mind. In this infographic, we list nine of the most important website metrics you should track. Click here to read the detailed blog post. Click...

Why visitors leave your website
8 Nov

14 Reasons Why Visitors Leave Your Website

In measuring website performance through tools like Google Analytics, there’s a metric called bounce rate. It reflects the number of visitors who visit your site and then leave after viewing only one page. Your site’s bounce rate can be a reliable indicator of whether your visitors’ first impression is good or bad. If your bounce rate is high, you will need to make some changes to your site. This article will explain the most common reasons why users leave a website prematurely. Corresponding with each reason, we’ve also provided some actionable advice about...

5 Ways You Can Reduce The Bounce Rate On Your Website
12 Jul

14 Ways To Reduce Your Website’s Bounce Rate

signups? Is Google Analytics not giving you a rosy picture when cross-checking your site’s performance? If so, your website may be experiencing a high bounce rate.  Bounce rate - when users bounce off your page within seconds of landing on it. You’d never imagined your brilliantly designed and beautiful-looking website could detract visitors that fast. Sadly, that may be the case. A high bounce rate is inversely proportional to a high conversion rate. So to boost your conversions, you must bring down that alarmingly high bounce rate of your website.  If you have...