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GDPR Compliance for Email Marketing
13 Mar

GDPR Compliance for Email Marketing

An email newsletter is one of the most effective marketing tools for engaging with customers and prospects. If you’re already using this tactic to promote your business or are planning to do so in the future, you should be aware of the rules that apply to email marketing. Managing a newsletter involves collecting users' email addresses, and, according to a European government regulation called the GDPR, that's data collection, and it's subject to a host of rules. If your email newsletter will be sent to anyone in the EU, it must be...

Infographic: How to Write Effective Meta Titles and Descriptions
6 Mar

Infographic: How to Write Effective Meta Titles and Descriptions

If you're looking into different ways to boost your SEO, bear in mind that the first thing people usually see when they run a Google search is your website's meta title and meta description. This means your visitors will see the link to your website among many others, which is why getting their attention from the first moment is make it or break it! An engaging meta title is the first hook and an appealing meta description might be just what you need to get that click that takes...

Duplicate Content and Its Impact on SEO
3 Mar

The Truth About Duplicate Content and Its Impact on SEO

It's not unusual for content to appear in multiple places on a website, on other websites, and social media. A well-crafted blog post, company story, or product description is sometimes so hard to create, that when you do come up with one, it's tempting to use it everywhere. Here's some good news: duplicate content is OK. It won't negatively impact your SEO. But there's a right approach to content duplication and one that could result in less value for your site visitors. In this article, we'll explain the impact that duplicate content can...

Why You Need To Segment Your Website Visitors
28 Feb

Infographic: Why You Need To Segment Your Website Visitors

With personalization being one of the hottest marketing trends you’ll need to make sure that your website visitors are getting the unique experience they’re looking for if you want those conversion rates to increase. Segmenting your audience is one of the best ways of doing that. It helps you provide more relevant content and products to your visitors—based on behavioral, demographic and psychographic traits—plus it can shed light on some amazing behavioral insights which could help you with your future strategy. Click here to check out the detailed blog...

Make your pop-ups user-friendly
21 Feb

Infographics: Make your pop-ups user-friendly

Although it might seem that nobody likes pop-ups, there are certain ways you can ensure they don’t end up scaring off your visitors and even support your conversion goals. In this infographic, we talk about how you can create pop-ups that actually convert. We go through two specific usage scenarios and we discuss how you can make your pop-up content compelling. Click here to read the detailed blog post. Click on the infographic to view the full image. ...

Learn all about Google My Business
18 Feb

Google My Business Listing: The Complete Guide

Attracting new customers for your business is hard and not exactly cheap, depending on the strategy you’re going for. Yet, there is one marketing channel that doesn’t cost a dime, is easy to execute, and can be effective at helping you get new customers: Google My Business (GMB, for short).   Google My Business is a service that lets you create a free listing for your product or service-based business. The best part about it is that it’s free to use—and you can set it up in an hour or less.   In this...