Managed WordPress Hosting vs. VPS Hosting: Which One Is Made for You?

Ready to dive into the digital jungle and find the perfect home for your website? Whether you’re a blogging aficionado, a curious newbie, or just someone looking to try something different from a trusty shared hosting solution, this blog post is for you.

Picture this: you’re in a crowded subway, shoulder to shoulder with everyone sharing the same air. That’s pretty much how shared hosting feels. If you’re nodding in agreement, you’re not alone. While this approach is faster and cheaper than driving your car to work every day, it has its disadvantages.

We get it; sometimes your website’s dreams are just too big for those cramped shared spaces. And that’s when you feel you need an upgrade to something better, like Managed WordPress or even VPS hosting.

This blog post is your ticket to understanding the hosting landscape and deciding between Managed WordPress hosting and VPS hosting! Let’s jump right in.

The Challenges of Shared Hosting

When your website becomes much more popular than you anticipated, shared hosting begins to show its limits. That leads to these common issues:

  1. Limited storage
  2. Limited websites
  3. Limited resources
  4. No automatic updates
  5. Limited automatic backups

The most common limit our clients face, and our other web hosting solutions solve, is storage. It can feel like you’re trying to fit a giraffe into a phone booth. Spoiler alert: it’s impossible!

You must write and delete files constantly or let a WordPress plugin do that for you, but eventually, you’ll run out of storage and stall your business. Being low on storage will increase loading times and most definitely lead to frequent website crashes.

Shared hosting often comes with manual updates and maintenance, especially in those budget-friendly plans. You’re the one responsible for carrying the virtual tools. A managed approach like Managed WordPress hosting ensures a smoother, and hands-free experience.


Introducing Managed WordPress Hosting 

Managed WordPress Hosting is where efficiency meets your digital well-being and ambitions.

Let’s break it down: imagine having a personal concierge for your website, taking care of all the technical details so you can focus on what truly matters. Your content, your business, your dreams.

So, what’s the magic recipe?

Managed WordPress hosting is like upgrading from a single-room apartment to a spacious villa – without the hassle of moving. 

Explore Managed WordPress Hosting

At HostPapa, upgrading happens with a click of a button. With one click, you can jump from shared hosting to Managed WordPress, allowing you to breeze through your workflow seamlessly. 

Now, let’s talk about features. You’re not just getting a new room; you’re getting a new mansion. 

  • More installations mean more WordPress websites and more opportunities to spread your online presence.
  • Increased storage? You have all the gigabytes you can get to store all the website files. 
  • Monthly visits? Generous monthly visits mean rolling out the red carpet for your growing audience!

But hold onto your browsers; there’s more. Imagine having a control center that brings all your websites under one roof. No more juggling between accounts just to find the settings for one of your sites.

With a centralized control panel, you’re the maestro conducting a symphony of websites with ease.

All these are just the HostPapa benefits, and it’s difficult to find elsewhere – even among the best Managed WordPress hosting around.

Advantages of Managed WordPress Hosting

Now that you have a deeper understanding of our revamped Managed WordPress hosting solutions, let’s familiarize you with the actual benefits.

Simplicity and Efficiency

Perhaps the most apparent advantage/benefit of Managed WordPress hosting is its simplicity

You don’t have to make all the updates and maintenance tasks yourself – you can leave that to the team of dedicated experts to handle, boosting your efficiency in the process.


Enhanced Speed

Speed shouldn’t be a luxury, but a necessity. It’s especially important for eCommerce or other mission-critical websites.

Nobody likes a slow website – not even search engines – and it can significantly hurt your website’s search engine rankings. 

When your website loads faster, visitors stick around. Managed WordPress Hosting knows this, and through various speed optimizations under the hood, your site loads in the blink of an eye.

Not only does it keep your audience engaged, but search engines also give you a thumbs-up for being swift and abiding by the latest SEO basics.

Top-Notch Security

Your website is your digital fortress, and you wouldn’t leave the drawbridge open, right?

Managed WordPress Hosting comes with some top security features you can hardly find in other hosting solutions. 

From real-time threat monitoring to firewalls that even a dragon would hesitate to breach, your site is in good hands. Some other security additions include a free SSL certificate, automatic offsite backups and an enterprise global CDN. These are put in place to ensure your site runs smoothly and hits its target audience every time.

Your data is your treasure, so let’s keep it that way.

Easy Scalability

Just like your business or creative ambitions, your website deserves room to grow. 

Managed WordPress Hosting has upgrade paths to help you advance to the next level when your business grows even more. 

When your website goes viral or your online store becomes the next big thing, you won’t have to worry about server limitations. You can upgrade to a better hosting plan or a different hosting package almost instantly.


Managed WordPress Hosting or VPS Hosting

The adventurous of you will also have seen our VPS hosting services featured on our website.

It’s true that you can have even more features and room to grow, but that requires a different approach, and it’s generally recommended for more specific use cases. The performance and feature set of VPS is mouthwatering, and it’s even more diverse in terms of customization. 

VPS hosting is an expedition for adventurous souls who want more control. If you want to learn more, we also have an in-depth article talking about what VPS hosting is and how it works.

Simply put, VPS (Virtual Private Server) is like owning a complete apartment. It gives you a virtual playground with dedicated resources (CPU, Storage, RAM), but it comes with a twist. It requires more hands-on management or paying more to manage your sites by either the web host or a third party.

It normally sits between a dedicated server (also known as dedicated hosting) and Managed WordPress, giving you more flexibility when you need to expand gradually.

A virtual private server isn’t a physical server – it all exists in a virtual server environment. The same environment is also known as a virtual machine to the more tech-savvy of our readers. On that server, you can host not only a WordPress site but anything you can think of, like web applications or software-as-a-service (SaaS) platforms.

But what does it really mean for people looking forward to growing their business with Managed WordPress? What should they opt for?

Our revamped Managed WordPress is the perfect option if you’re a small business looking to scale without the complexities of managing a server – or paying more to manage your server. It’s also ideal for WordPress users who want to upgrade their online business using a content management system that most people use, has great support and addons that can transform it into a machine.

WordPress is an easy-to-use platform, and we have a complete Beginner’s Tutorial just to get you up to speed with the ins and outs of the software. 

HostPapa has, once again, shown how a complete hosting provider helps small businesses and startups achieve their goals by providing plenty of hosting solutions to cover their needs.


Making the Choice

So, how do you choose between Managed WordPress Hosting and VPS?

It’s all about your comfort level and the website’s requirements. If you’re all about a hassle-free experience and want to focus on your content or business, Managed WordPress Hosting is your golden ticket.

Explore Managed WordPress Hosting

Before you hit the “get started” button on our site, though, we summoned Serhii Skoriak, Technical Manager for Managed WordPress at HostPapa, to tell us why our clients jump from Shared hosting to Managed WordPress and what their needs are.

“Managed WordPress is considered a byproduct of VPS that sits between shared hosting and VPS. From my point of view, it’s ideal for a wide range of scenarios that weren’t possible before. 

Our clients make the switch mainly for the increased server resources and the added performance that come with our optimization. That’s because they saw a considerable uplift in traffic or simply wanted to expand without reaching the limits of their shared hosting plan.

It’s an easy way to get more features without having to learn the technical details of maintaining a server or anything like that.

Next, I think that security is just as important as performance for our clients. Most opt for Managed WordPress solutions to increase their website’s security. 

A lot of customers are interested in safeguarding their clients’ data, especially those who use eCommerce platforms and make transactions on a daily basis.

Having a proactive approach and automatic malware scanning and removal, DDoS protection, and automatic offsite backups – in one plan – is a useful addition that website owners wished they had in the past. And all that without having to go for the VPS plans or hoarding more plugins and external services that would exceed their budget.

Personally, I see that most users simply love having a single control panel for all their sites. And when the news of our revamped Managed WordPress solutions can support up to 25 websites per account, they were delighted, to say the least. 

HostPapa’s Managed WordPress has become way better, and right now, it’s light years away from the competition.”

Pick Your Managed WordPress Plan

Summing It Up

When starting your online journey, shared hosting might be enough, but as your website and business grow, you’ll require more advanced options. 

Managed WordPress Hosting steps in as your reliable co-pilot, offering simplicity, speed, security, and scalability that pave the way for your website’s success, whatever your aspirations might be.

VPS services, on the other hand, provide an exciting DIY route for the tech-savvy, giving you root access to your web server and dedicated resources to craft a digital masterpiece. However, piecing all this together requires expertise and technical know-how.

Why wait to embrace the future of WordPress hosting? Explore our brand-new Managed WordPress Hosting solutions tailored to suit your needs. From websites to eCommerce, from portfolios to powerhouses, HostPapa’s revamped hosting solutions have your hosting dreams covered.

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