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12 Mar

How to Write Effective Product & Service Descriptions

The way you write your product or service descriptions has a direct effect on your sales figures, but many small business owners pay little attention to their product or service descriptions. On most websites, especially online stores, you’ll find product descriptions that are just walls of text, offering nothing but basic information. Sometimes, descriptions are just copied straight from the manufacturer’s website. Any business selling products or services online should avoid that approach - it’ll cost you sales. According to a report published by the Nielsen Norman Group, 20% of abandoned purchases...

Product page infographic
26 Feb

Infographic: 10 Ways to Improve Your Product Pages

eCommerce industry keeps on booming, as people tend to do most of their shopping online. Regardless of what you might be selling or planning to sell, creating appealing product pages is a must. Every step of your customer's online experience will contribute to whether they will buy or not. However, the product page is arguably the most important step. This is where the customer will likely make the decision. So you need to make sure your product pages have everything to help make that decision a favorable one for you. In this...

15 Feb

10 Ways to Improve Your Product Pages

Creating an online store is no longer the technical challenge that it used to be—almost anyone can design and build a website where customers can buy their products. If you already have a physical store, then going online to expand your market reach is the obvious next step. Having an online presence will open up markets that you otherwise wouldn’t have access to. In some cases, making your products available online means taking your brand to the international stage. That can be very exciting, as it has the potential to dramatically...