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17 May

How to Eliminate Bots From Your Website

You’ve probably heard of bots on the Internet by now, but you might not be sure what they are or what they do. Internet bots or web robots, web crawlers, spider bots, or simply bots - are software tools that automatically run various tasks on the Internet. Depending on the bot creator, these tasks can be for good or bad. Bots usually imitate tasks that would otherwise be done by actual humans - like indexing web pages on the Internet or responding to people’s questions. The latter is known as customer...

21 Feb

5 Reasons to Use CloudFlare

Fast web hosting: Let’s face it, all website owners want it - no, need it. That’s why we at HostPapa do everything we can to ensure our clients enjoy a high level of website performance, day in and day out. Which brings us to CloudFlare. CloudFlare has taken the website hosting world by storm – thousands upon thousands have activated this service and reaped its benefits. CloudFlare promises to “supercharge your website” at no cost! Which sounds great, but… what exactly does it mean? Here’s 5 simple reasons that CloudFlare is so...