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Content Distribution Networks: How CDNs Improve Site Performance
16 Apr

Content Distribution Networks: How CDNs Improve Site Performance

Do you know about the journey that website content takes to get to your computer? First, you type in a website address. That’s considered a “request” for content. Then, the request is sent to a server that stores the website content. That computer “serves” the content to you, fulfilling your request. It’s interesting how the internet works! In this article, we’ll discuss something called a CDN. That stands for Content Distribution Network. As the name indicates, a CDN is a network of servers created for the strategic and efficient distribution of content. CDNs are...

21 Feb

5 Reasons to Use CloudFlare

Fast web hosting: Let’s face it, all website owners want it - no, need it. That’s why we at HostPapa do everything we can to ensure our clients enjoy a high level of website performance, day in and day out. Which brings us to CloudFlare. CloudFlare has taken the website hosting world by storm – thousands upon thousands have activated this service and reaped its benefits. CloudFlare promises to “supercharge your website” at no cost! Which sounds great, but… what exactly does it mean? Here’s 5 simple reasons that CloudFlare is so...