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Keep your Business secure with these email security tips
28 Sep

Security Best Practices to Protect Your Business Email

Email security is important for everyone, but it should be a top priority for business owners. Hackers with criminal intent target personal email accounts, but they put more effort into compromising business email accounts. From their perspective, with access to a business email account, there's more to steal. If you own a small business, you must take email security seriously. There's one move that will address a large portion of your email security needs—opting for a managed email hosting service. After a brief discussion of the risks involved in an email breach,...

The Elements of a Great Business Email
10 Sep

The Elements of a Great Business Email

When writing effective business emails, it’s all about  great copywriting techniques.  While many of us find it hard to tap into our creative side and produce a  compelling text, business owners have a huge advantage: they know their subject matter inside out and can implement this easily in their email to make a big difference. With an in-depth knowledge of your product or service combined with a close connection to your audience, you can write a business email that's focused on your marketing goals and ensure that it hits the mark every...

Why Does Your Business Need a Domain Email Address
4 Jun

Why Does Your Business Need a Domain Email Address?

When setting up an email address for your business, you’ll have a lot of decisions to make. Who will provide the service?Should you use your own name in the email address, the business name, or both?If you’re the only employee, is one business email address enough? There’s one decision that should be easy: whether to use a domain email address or a generic one. A proper business email address should include your business’ domain name (i.e., @yourcompany.com). That’s how you can project professionalism and represent your company as a legitimate and well-run business. Creating...