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Online Marketing Trends Your Small Business Needs to Learn About

The rise of social media and smartphone technology has provided billions of individuals a reason to get online. Most businesses now have an online presence to capitalize on. With billions of dollars being generated annually in the US alone, learning about some of the up and coming online marketing trends can help you get a head start with your online business.

So let’s get to it!

1. Content Is Still King

One of the oldest online marketing methods is still one of the most effective. Content

marketing is still considered king among the top digital marketers around the world,

which is why it’s essential to develop a content strategy that truly resonates with the

customers, fans, and followers of your business.

When we talk about content marketing we refer to personalized content that takes into

account your visitors’ needs and interests, making sure you’re delivering content in an

engaging way.

Think of what your users and prospective customers are trying to do whenever they visit

your website. Are you selling products, informing visitors of upcoming events, or trying

to garner followers via social media? Establish your own set of goals and create a funnel

to help guide your visitors along a path.

If you’re looking for some specific tips on content marketing check out this blog post.

2. Optimize Your Marketing Campaigns for Voice Search

Optimizing your marketing campaigns for voice search is also highly recommended,

especially if you’re selling products or promoting your business in your area.

Using various SEO strategies and technologies, including both micro-data as well as

schema, can help with implementing voice search recognition into your website.

For a quick guide on how to optimize your website for voice search click here.

Optimize your marketing campaign for voice search

3. Interactive Posts and Advertisements

Engagement and interaction go a long way when building a brand/business online, even

if you’re doing so in an industry that already has major global brands. Creating

interactive posts and advertisements within your content marketing strategy can help

drum up a conversation about your brand, while also piquing the interest of visitors and

prospective customers.

Consider using live shoppable posts through various social networks. Some of the most

engaging networks to consider using shoppable and interactive posts include Instagram,

Snapchat, and even TikTok.

4. Why Local Business Matters

When spending money on advertising, think local, especially if you’re just starting out.

Focus on your returning customers and you can help spread the word of your business

while also establishing a professional and trustworthy reputation within your local

community. Check out our guide to local SEO here for more information on how to grow

your business locally.

Spend time creating an authentic connection with your audience by providing relevant and informative content. Make sure you're answering questions and responding to comments or inquiries both publicly and privately.

5. Create an Authentic Connection with Your Customers and Followers

Cultivating an authentic connection and relationship with your customers is essential,

especially as you gain followers and establish your presence. With over 90% of business

to business transactions being influenced by social channels, a connection is key to a

long-term relationship.

Spend time connecting with your audience by creating relevant and informative content,

while also answering questions and responding to comments or inquiries publicly and

privately. Showcasing transparency and ensuring you’re an authoritative figure in your

field can help with motivating purchases and gaining additional followers through the

different social media networks you use.

Avoid sounding too robotic or corporate if you want your business to feel authentic, real,

and human. Consider developing a voice for your business and brand that matches the

mission statement, purpose, and objective of your company, along with the type of

consumers you intend to market to.

6. Design and Market for Mobile First

Currently, more than 60% of all internet searches are done through a smartphone.

Designing your website and online presence around mobile devices can significantly

increase your number of sales and your revenue.

With nearly 20% of all eCommerce transactions and sales conducted with a smartphone, designing for mobile is obviously extremely important.

When building your website or an eCommerce shop for your business, be sure to test

your sites on various devices, including traditional desktop browsers, tablet devices,

Android and iOS smartphones. Testing your website should be done regularly before

going live or creating digital marketing campaigns and advertisements.

Make your strategy mobile friendly

7. Optimize the Design of Your Website

Your website’s design matters, especially when you want to establish your business as

credible, trustworthy, and reliable. When a user visits your website for the first time,

your design will leave a first impression on them immediately. If your website doesn’t

load properly, appears outdated, or is merely unappealing, you will likely lose visitors’

interest and prospective sales.

Since 38% of people would stop using a website if it’s layout or design is unattractive,

you’ll need to pay attention to this. We’ve got you covered with several articles on this

topic: from web design tips for user engagement, to eCommerce best practices

regarding web design.

Refine and Look for Inspiration

Remember to consider your website’s SEO, while developing and building your website.

Research relevant keywords, search terms, and phrases that are most popular and

fitting for your website to craft content, pages, and blogs around them. Use clean URLs

to help users and search engines find your website with ease. Implement various SEO

tactics to help keep your website within results locally, regionally, and even

internationally, depending on the audience you have in mind.

Knowing how to optimize your online marketing strategy is imperative when you’re the

owner of a small business. Stay up on the trends, keep an eye out for opportunities to

improve, and watch your business grow.

María is an enthusiast of cinema, literature and digital communication. As Content Coordinator at HostPapa, she focuses on the publication of content for the blog and social networks, organizing the translations, as well as writing and editing articles for the KB.

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