How to protect yourself against fraud and phishing attacks

We’ve been alerted that some HostPapa customers have received an email from someone pretending to be from HostPapa, asking them to renew their domain names, click a button, and fill out an online form to avoid their service being terminated. Although this document may look official, we highly recommend being […]

DNS records: a complete guide

DNS (Domain Name System) is an Internet system that converts human-memorable domain names (like into computer-readable addresses (like DNS uses zone files in your server to map domain names to IP addresses. The DNS records accessible through your HostPapa dashboard are A, CNAME, MX, and TXT. In this […]

How to create a PHP contact form for your website

Contact forms are used on websites to allow users to get in touch with site owners and leave a simple message. Using contact forms, rather than simply adding an email address to the website, can protect site owners from receiving spam email. Here is a simple PHP email form you […]

Email account limits, restrictions and quotas

HostPapa offers more options for email hosting and cloud-based office applications than almost any other hosting provider on the market.  Email hosting is included with all web hosting plans through your cPanel account. There are slight differences between our Start, Plus, Pro and Ultra plans, which we’ll explain below. You […]

HostPapa free domain name registration

Your HostPapa web hosting package includes free domain name registration. We’ll register a domain name for you and pay for it for the first year while you have a web hosting account with HostPapa.  When the first year elapses, you’ll be billed annually for the domain name. If you register […]

Detailed server resource usage specification chart

Shared hosting and Optimized WordPress plans are subject to account and server limitations. The following chart details the specific server resources of our Start, Plus, Pro, and Ultra Shared hosting and Optimized WordPress plans. Technical Limits:         Plans Start / WP Start Plus / WP Plus Pro […]

Everything you need to know about SSL certificates

SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificates first came on the scene in 1996 to create a security layer between the connection of a website and its end user. In 1999, improvements were made, and the name was changed to TLS (Transfer Layer Security). This version is still used today, although the […]