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19 Apr

10 Best Videographer WordPress Themes

(Last Updated On: December 15, 2022)

Are you searching for a way to elevate video content on your videography blog?

Integrating the best videographer WordPress themes is one way to do so. WordPress offers the perfect platform to share your professional and creative edge as a professional videographer.  

The platform offers a reliable way to showcase your skills and sell your products or services, all in a single platform. You have to think of several elements as you build your business site. In addition to purchasing a domain name, you have to choose and pay for a hosting service

Once done, you can then use your wite builder’s tools to build your site’s front and back end. You can even invest in third-party tools, like themes, to make your site unique. On the other hand, paying for a domain name synergizes the brand’s online identity, making it easier for potential customers to recognize you. 

With managed WordPress hosting and a domain name included in the web hosting package, the site-building and launching process is even better simplified using WordPress, letting you focus on your content and the overall look of your site.

Nonetheless, even with its exemplary and reliable website builder, the platform may offer limited resources to display your creativity. Sure, you can build the visual structure of the site, add themes, and build different pages using the platform’s built-in features. However, integrating added videographer themes is a sure way to stand out.

This is where videographer WordPress themes come in. The right theme facilitates building a site with all the necessary features, such as portfolios, images, blog layout, and galleries. 

WordPress themes help establish your creative profile, whether black and white, nighttime, or aerial videography. While showcasing your visual artistic prowess, the themes also set a foundation to adhere to and inspire your creativity. 

Choose a unique videographer theme for WordPress and purchase a domain name for your videography business, and you’ll be on your way to standing out amongst creatives in the online world. 

We’ve scoured online to find you the best WordPress videographer themes to use on your videography site for this year.

Best Videographer WordPress Themes

Here is our selection of the best market and artist-rated videographer WordPress themes.



Reel is a video and portfolio WordPress theme designed to help you curate a unique professional video site without the need for coding. The site is specially built for beginners and experts alike, with zero coding integrated into its UI. The platform offers a range of visual boosting features, such as video lightbox, background, and live customization. 

Once you customize the theme of your choice, you can change the colours and fonts and even upload your logo using the visual customizer.  Installation is also quite simple, typically requiring a few clicks to launch the new WordPress 5.0 block editor compatible theme of your choice. 

Reel themes feature a desktop and mobile screen-friendly resolution. If you choose third-party WordPress page builders, you don’t have to worry about the themes being compromised either. Reel video content themes are compatible with page builders, such as Elementor. While Reel doesn’t offer a free trial, it does offer a live demo.  

You can take advantage of the demo, exploring different themes and layouts, including blue, dark, red, and minimalist. If you love what you see, the 1-click updates and demo importer let you replicate the complete structure of your themes demo page. If you want to sell directly from your site, you can easily install the WooCommerce plugin

To make the process much easier, the complete Reel package with access to all 30 themes will cost you $99. The $99 investment also gives you access to future themes, Reel support, and frequent updates. Alternatively, you can opt for the Personal package, which is best for those getting started for only $79. The Professional package, curated for multiple sites, will cost you $179 per year.


Launched in 2009, Astra is a fast and lightweight WordPress theme developed by GitHub. This theme is particularly popular for its highly customizable and high-speed design. It’s specially designed with page builders in mind, allowing it to seamlessly work with page builders, like Elementor, SiteOrigin, and Divi. 

Using the theme, you can create full pages from scratch and even make changes to eliminate page titles. Along with its flexibility, the theme offers versatile functionality. Astra integrates the largest library of pre-built sites and allows you to import what you like via the Astra Sites plugin. 

This videographer website theme platform lets you build everything on your site pages from scratch, letting you truly achieve the visual look you want. An intuitive drag and drop editor lets you work on the header, footer, layout, positioning, blog, archives, etc. To build the perfect page, you can use the live editing feature to preview the design and see how it looks in real life. 

Astra’s editor also features advanced styling settings to make it easy to redesign and edit your page. You can easily edit any component and play around with style with just a simple click. The best part of using Astra is that it requires zero technical experience and has no code included throughout the design and building process. 

You can access Astra in a choice of three bundles. The most basic Astra Pro bundle costs you $49. The other two bundles come at a discounted price, with the Essential bundle costing $169 while the complete suite Growth bundle costs about $249.


Vlog is an excellent tool for creators and artists looking for a videographer, blog, and podcast WordPress theme. The theme facilitates a grid-like appearance on your site, offering over 200 layout options. It allows you to incorporate full-sized video headers and clips on your site pages. 

For easier navigation, you can also integrate bite-size featured videos as snippets to give an idea of your work. But, what makes Vlog stand out from other theme options is its versatile focus on showcasing your visual work. 

The tool even allows you to curate special layouts and designs to showcase your video content in the form of elaborative video magazines and news via formats such as YouTube and Vimeo. The tool’s versatile design lets you create video blogs, podcasts, video courses, video portfolios, or viral video sharing sites. 

To seamlessly link with your profiles and work elsewhere, Vlog is compatible with tools such as YouTube, Vimeo, and Daily Motion, to mention a few. In fact, as a videographer, you can simultaneously share your work on your site and other platforms, thanks to the Youtube and Vimeo automatic video import. 

The Vlog video importer serves as a useful plugin, allowing you to automatically import YouTube and Vimeo videos and playlists straight to your site – with just a single click. You can also preview artistic videos you curate using Vlog via cinema mode to get an idea of your site’s appearance. 

Plus, Vlog is fully compatible with various plugins, such as MailChimp, Yoast, WooCommerce, and Jetpack. While offering an abundance of features for your videographer site, you can access Vlog features for only $59.


Vidio is built to function as a video manager WordPress theme, specially curated for video community websites. Using the video content theme, you can create and manage videos for different types of artistic sites. 

The best part of using Vidio is its large capacity design, allowing it to handle a vast range of videos and organize them with ease. So, if you’re a videographer who wants to showcase your portfolio, the site offers a selection of neat layouts to facilitate the sharing of multiple artistic works.  

You can choose to design your own templates or pick any of the five pre-built homepage layout templates. 

To make it even easier to capture your audience and share a wider range of videos, some of the layout designs resemble that of YouTube. The videographer’s website theme offers a vast range of additional YouTube-like features, including the watch later list, channel, and playlist creation. 

Furthermore, Vidio has a special video sharing feature designed for video community sites, allowing your site visitors to share/submit their videos to your site. You can use this theme for the complete design of a video-sharing platform you intend to monetize.  

Whether you design or use pre-built layout templates, all Vidio layouts are desktop and mobile-friendly. You can take advantage of all these WordPress theme offers for as low as $39.



If you are a video production artist with a studio, Plexx is the perfect WordPress theme. The Plexx is a video gallery and portfolio WordPress theme specially designed for videography studios and agencies. The theme works for videographers, photographers, freelancers, and film directors, to name a few. 

Using many of the theme’s abundant templates and features, you can curate a site for anything related to your videography work. You can showcase your video portfolios, promote video services, or even share your artistic edge with friends and fans. 

The flexible and customizable, multipurpose theme is designed with masonry layouts packed with two to six columns. Alternatively, you can opt for the Packery grid design to give you a variety of methods to showcase your videos and photos. 

The theme pairs well with WooCommerce, to make it a great companion for creatives with eCommerce stores. Moreover, Plexx has a pretty elaborate video publisher support. In addition to the array of viewing layouts, the theme also has multiple video playback modes. 

These include full screens, embedded options, and pop-ups. To give you an even better video production experience, the theme works with multiple page builders, including Elementor. To access all Plexx features, you can purchase it for only $39.


Odry is a portfolio WordPress theme specially designed for sharing videos and photos. However, the theme is particularly service-centred, making it a great tool for creators who want to monetize their skills on their websites. In fact, in addition to regular video content theme features, Odry offers features designed to upsell and promote your services. 

These include several columns to highlight your key business services and features. You can even highlight the features and services in text or icon form. Furthermore, Odry offers special animated counter features to share key career details, such as projects completed and how many hours you logged in. 

The high-speed optimized theme features a range of minimalist layout template options for a clean showcase of your artistic work. It’s compatible with the latest WordPress while working with mobiles and desktop screens. 

The video production theme offers up to four different homepage layouts. However, what makes it stand out is its numerous photo and video viewing galleries that help spruce up your site. The popular photo and video galleries offered include a full-screen slider, justified gallery, grid gallery, masonry, portrait, and Packery gallery.  

To help your business grow further, the theme allows you to integrate display feedback and testimonial sliders to give your audience a feel of the market’s perception of your work and skills. To enjoy a full complete feature package, Odry will charge only $59.


If you want versatility, Oshine is the WordPress theme to go for. The tool is designed as a multipurpose creative theme, helping you boost your videographer site with various design features. The theme offers up to 52 different demos, ensuring you find the perfect layout and visual look for your site.  

However, the videographer tool stands out because each demo features a pretty unique build.  The demos are filled with over 100 pre-built sample pages, each offering a unique experience. For example, if you own a video studio or agency, the v20- Video Agency is a perfect option, giving you features such as full-screen video viewing and even a call to action at the end.

Additionally, you can choose to get creative with the theme and build your layout templates. The SEO-friendly theme gives you full control over your fonts and colours, and installation is pretty easy while Oshine’s one-click demo installer allows you to quickly sample available layout options.

For a full suite of features and design possibilities, Oshine is compatible with multiple popular plugins, including WooCommerce, Elementor, and Yoast. You can enjoy full access to the Oshine feature package for only $59.


If you have a videography website, Oni may just be the perfect companion to building a highly engaging site experience. This video WordPress theme is ideally built for creators who want to curate a highly professional but creative videography site. It’s also a great tool for curating purpose-built videography site demos.

It offers four foundational themes that you can diversify further with your own creative preferences. While using any of the four layouts, you can change the text, font, colours, images, and videos, without any creative limitations. To make it easier for any video production creative to use, the tool doesn’t integrate any complicated coding in its site-building and design process.

Each layout comes with free site demos so you can easily view your final product before publishing it. But, this isn’t all you’ll have access to when using Oni. The videography website theme offers a range of other features to help you build a trailblazing video content showcasing platform.

For example, you can add that “Vogue-like” edge to your front page by replacing boring pictorial headers with video reels of your videography niche work. Alternatively, you can share mind-blowing video thumbnails combined into a portfolio section, giving your audience the best of your work in snippets, leaving them wanting more. You can access all these fun Oni features for only $59.


The Mato theme is specially geared towards film video production. The Theme for WordPress sites offers rich features to cater to movie studios and filmmakers. Whether you make storytelling, documentary, or film videos, this multipurpose film-focused theme is perfect for your site. The theme packs a plethora of demos with varying visual layouts and styles based on your niche and customer demographic.

In addition to helping you build a film-focused site, the theme also incorporates features that allow you to share your content in different lights. For example, you can choose layouts and designs for a video project you want to promote or simply a portfolio for your projects. When it comes to showcasing methods, Mato doesn’t disappoint.

You can access numerous gallery options, including full-width layouts, portfolios, grids, carousels, and Instagram galleries, to name a few. Each of these main gallery options comes with sub-options to give an endless array. If you take the time to create and design your site using the Mato feature, you can rest assured that you will have a unique, attention-grabbing site. This cinematic WordPress site theme will only cost you $59.


For that modern edge, Rekam is a WordPress theme to invest in for your videography website. 

The WordPress site theme is suitable for different creators, including videographers, filmmakers, and creatives that want to build their work portfolios. The theme offers a range of styles and layouts with a more modern visual look to match the current market needs.

It focuses on larger, more visible design styles, although you can also build your layout templates from scratch. The most prized layout design is its sizable full-width video header at the homepage, giving you the perfect weapon to capture your site visitors. 

You can add any of your best work on the header area to boost results. In addition to the standard portfolio and gallery displays, Rekam offers other valuable features to optimize video sharing opportunities fully.

A good example is the featured film section, where you can link featured videos, transforming your site into a highly visual work of art. The theme tool uses a simple drag and drop page builder to make everything easy to synergize all these processes in a single place. To enjoy access to this fully featured WordPress theme, you will only pay $59.

Summing It Up

Creating a unique videography site requires more than just bundling up your videos on the platform. Even the best videography has to figure out a creative way to showcase their masterpieces. 

This is where the best videographer WordPress themes come in. You want to pair your work with the best designs that can help detail your creative process and make the audience appreciate the artistic piece.

Our carefully compiled list doesn’t just randomly share top-rated themes on the market. Instead, it covers different videography niches to ensure all types of content creators and creatives can find the perfect tool, whether filmmakers or cinematographers. 

Nonetheless, as you build your site and the design, you don’t want to forget other elements that tie up to create that pleasant experience. You also want to plan well around your domain name and web hosting options.

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