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Small Business website design example for your company
22 Feb

8 Small Business Website Design Examples to Inspire Your New Site

Are you looking for inspiration for your new website? Then you’ve come to the right place, we have the best small business design examples for you. In this post, we’ll go over eight small business website design examples that check all the boxes. They’re easy-to-use, memorable, and mobile-ready, and they’re all WordPress themes. So, if you find a design that can be the foundation of your site, you can just download it, install it on your website, customize it and go live.  READ MORE: [Full Guide] Web Design for Small Business We’ll...

Fundamental Web Design Principles You Need to Know
25 Oct

Fundamental Web Design Principles You Need to Know

Having an attractive and usable website is the goal of every website owner, and for people who run a small business, the look and feel of their website is of vital importance. It's where visitors create their first impressions—those brief seconds in which we accept or reject what we see on our screens. A site's design is also responsible for retaining each visitor's attention and guiding them through your content.  In this article, we’ll go over seven design principles that, if followed, will help you create a website that engages your...

Selecting colors for your business website
15 Jan

How to Select Colors for Your Business Website

Among business owners trying to choose their own website colors, there's a common thought: Ugh, I'm not a designer! I tried, but I created a psychedelic nightmare! Can't I just use the colors in my logo? As hard as the task may seem, selecting a website color scheme is important, and unless you have a design department, the job will be yours to tackle. What you need to know is, it isn't hard at all. If you pay close attention to your brand identity and your target audience, think about the psychological effects of color, consider...