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19 Apr

How to Buy a Pre-Owned Domain Name

If you’ve ever looked into buying or renting a house, you know that location is often the top priority. You want a place that your friends can find, not one that’s in the middle of nowhere. A website without a domain name is similar to that. It’s kind of like having a home in the middle of nowhere. Nobody will be able to find it. This is why it's important to get a domain name for your website, and why a domain name is also commonly called a web address. It's...

Web Hosting vs. Domain Registration
5 Apr

Web Hosting vs. Domain Registration

It’s common for web providers to offer web hosting and domain registration in a single package, but there are usually questions about those kinds of products: What is the difference between web hosting and domain registration? What services are provided? Can you get web hosting without domain registration? Can you get domain registration without web hosting? To help clear things up, we’ll take a look at how the two services differ and why you should never confuse them. What follows is a basic explanation of the options you have when selecting...