How to edit the Reseller DNS Zone template

Warning: This is an advanced feature of your WHM – if you are unsure about doing this, please open a support ticket here: Support ticket tips/info: A member of the HostPapa support team will be happy to help you. This feature of WHM allows you to apply a set […]

Transferring domains vs. changing DNS settings

If you’re making the switch to HostPapa from another hosting company, you can either transfer your domain name to HostPapa or just leave the domain name with its current company and update the nameserver (DNS) entries to link it to your HostPapa hosting account. Here’s how: Changing your DNS Settings […]

How to set up an addon domain

The addon domain function in cPanel allows you to host additional domains on your HostPapa account. Each addon domain will appear to be a separate website for your visitors. In this article, we’ll show you how to set up an addon domain.  How to purchase a domain NOTE: If you […]

Why is my WordPress website slow?

Slow WordPress sites can negatively impact SEO and user experience, so it is essential to do your best to optimize your site’s speed. In this article, we’ll help you determine how to gauge the speed of your site and provide some tips on improving the speed. How do I know […]

How to modify a cPanel account in WHM

Following the creation of cPanel accounts in WHM, you’re free to make modifications to account settings at any time. Log in to the WHM dashboard and enter “modify” in the search box. Select Modify an Account under Account Functions. Select an account to modify from the list presented on the […]

How to terminate multiple accounts via WHM

Should you wish to cancel hosting accounts using WHM, you’ll find a convenient option available to terminate one or more accounts as a batch. Follow these steps to terminate multiple accounts via WHM. Log in to the WHM administration dashboard. In the search box, enter “terminate”, then select Terminate Accounts […]