How to refresh your local DNS cache

A DNS cache is a temporary database, maintained by a computer’s operating system, that contains records of all the recent visits and attempted visits to different websites. In other words, a DNS cache is just a memory of recent DNS lookups that your computer/device can quickly refer to when it’s […]

How to test your website before changing DNS

Once you have built your website, you should test its design, navigation features, and other functionality before launch. However, if you have yet to purchase a domain, or it’s currently being used to host your old site, you may be wondering how you can test the new content on your […]

What is DNS?

DNS (Domain Name System) is the component of the Internet that converts human-memorable domain names (such as into computer-readable addresses. All computers and devices that are connected to the Internet have a numeric IP address (for example,, but long lists of numbers can be difficult to remember! Domain names […]

DNS (Domain Name System) Record Definitions

DNS (Domain Name System) is the component of the Internet that converts human-readable domain names (ie: into computer-readable IP addresses (ie: DNS uses zone files that reside on your server to map domain names to IP addresses. Note: To be able to edit records in your DNS zone […]

How to update your DNS

If your domain was registered more than 30 days ago, you can update your DNS yourself through your HostPapa Dashboard. Simply follow these steps: Log into your dashboard at Click My Domains. In the list of domains, click the domain you wish to update. Click the Lock tab. If […]

How to use the DNS Zone Editor

NOTE: These instructions are only for customers that don’t have an active hosting package. Please note that depending on the domain extension, DNS editor might not be available in the dashboard. If this is the case for you, please contact our support team to create a DNS zone for you and to […]

Editing the Reseller DNS Zone Template

Warning: This is an advanced feature of your WHM – if you are unsure about doing this, please open a support ticket here: Support ticket tips/info: A member of the HostPapa support team will be happy to help you. This feature of WHM allows you to apply a set […]

A domain name’s registration and DNS entries are two separate things

The following will help you when deciding if a domain name’s registration needs to be transferred, or if the domain’s DNS entries simply need to be updated. Domain registration: A domain’s registration contains important information about the domain name, including who owns it, registrant contact information, expiration date, and more. […]

Transferring domains vs. changing DNS settings

If you’re making the switch to HostPapa from another hosting company, you can either transfer your domain name to HostPapa or just leave the domain name with its current company and update the nameserver (DNS) entries to link it to your HostPapa hosting account. Here’s how: Changing your DNS Settings […]