Transferring domains vs. changing DNS settings

If you’re making the switch to HostPapa from another hosting company, you can either transfer your domain name to HostPapa or just leave the domain name with its current company and update the nameserver (DNS) entries to link it to your HostPapa hosting account. Here’s how:

Changing your DNS Settings
Your domain name server (DNS) settings link your domain name to your website’s hosting account, so that visitors are directed to the correct website. For the specific DNS settings information please reference the Welcome Email you received from HostPapa shortly after completing your purchase. Within it will be the exact DNS nameservers that you will need.

When you change these entries, your domain name stays with the company where it is currently registered. It simply “points” to a new hosting package. Note that 24 to 72 hours may be necessary for DNS entry changes to go into effect.

For more information on updating DNS entries, check these video tutorials:

Changing domain registrars
If you choose to have your domain name with the same company that hosts your website, there is an automatic transfer option you can select upon signing up with HostPapa. It is also possible to transfer your domain name later.

Some conditions and restrictions apply on transferring domain names. As these depend entirely on the type of domain name you want to transfer, please click here and click on the link pertaining to your domain.

HostPapa will update your DNS entries upon the successful completion of the transfer. However, you may want to consider changing your DNS entries before you start a transfer. DNS entry changes can take 24 to 72 hours to go into effect, but a domain transfer can take 5 to 7 days and then have the DNS entry change time on top of that. Changing your DNS entries before the transfer begins will speed up the process.

Starting a transfer
For more information on transferring a domain name please see:

Need more help? Please open a support ticket here:

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