The 25 Best Podcast WordPress Themes

A podcast is recorded content available for download, usually released in episode and series format. And, despite being best known for audio, it can also be for video. 

The number of podcast listeners has been rising tremendously since 2020. A podcast can be about anything, from pure entertainment, like the Joe Rogan Experience, to educational classes, such as experts talking about a specific topic.

Just in the United States, there could be over 100 million podcast listeners by 2024, up from 75.9 million in 2020. And in 2020, the number of podcast listeners worldwide amounted to 332.2 million internet users, while this number grew to 383.7 in 2021.

So, it’s fair to say that starting a podcast is a legit business and something that can blow up. But creating a podcast requires heavy work and time investment. You need to look for topics, decide who you will interview, write briefings, look for sponsors, and keep up to date.

After all that, you need to put all that work inside a secure, fast, and easy-to-use WordPress website. As you’re busy and don’t want to spend a lot of time creating a website from scratch, you need a simple WordPress theme to build the website in just a few clicks.

But which WordPress themes will you use to upload your episodes? Remember that a podcast website has multimedia content: videos, audio files, and images. 

You’ll need a theme that can easily offer all those features and be easy to use. You also want your theme to look professional and well-designed, making a great first impression on new visitors and potential podcast sponsors. 

So, now that you understand what a podcast is and that you’re going to need a great theme, it’s time to find out which WordPress themes are the best for this segment. 

In this article, we’ll share with you:

  1. The Best WordPress Themes 
  2. The Pros Of Using a WordPress Theme
  3. The Cons Of Using a WordPress Theme

Shall we?


The Best WordPress Themes

  1. Resonator – $75

The Resonator has all the pre-built content you could need. It includes a mix of practical features and elements ideal for the podcasting industry, including a powerful audio player and the ability to embed content from Apple Podcast and other popular platforms.

Two more good things about this theme are that you can add episode transcriptions to help users keep up with your content more easily and include exciting multimedia content, share videos, audiobooks, and much more.

If you want to put some merchandising on your websites, such as your product or a sponsored product, Resonator has good eCommerce support.

  1. Mepahone – $69

For those who want to set up and manage your audio podcast website in no time, this WordPress theme is perfect for personal podcasts and large podcasting networks with multiple hosts and shows. It can also be used for online radio stations with live audio streaming.

With this theme, there are 6 different homepage layouts you can choose from, and it has full support for the popular podcasting plugins. Megaphone can also detect your podcast episode ordering but gives you the option not to do so.

It supports Spotify, iTunes, SoundCloud, MixCloud, Stitcher, PodBean, Blubrry LibSyn, Spreaker, Cadence, Podomatic, Deezer, and many more. You don’t need coding knowledge, just choose one of the six layouts and upload your episodes.

  1. Promenade – $69

A simple, clean WordPress theme will often restrict you from improvising to keep the design clean. Promenade, on the other hand, allows you to customize the pages of your site while keeping it simple and clean.

You can change how your page will be displayed with the help of widgets. This theme serves musicians and fits perfectly for podcasters.

  1. Obsidian – $69

Are you one of those who like to use your photo as a background for any screen? Then this WordPress theme is perfect for you. You can put yourself as the website’s main focus, and you don’t need to adjust the background image of each page, as your photo will appear on all of them.

Of course, you can choose a photo that’s not you, and if you find that the same image will be repetitive, you can change the colours of this WordPress theme as Obsidian has more than 30 types of colours.

  1. Dixie – $8

Dixie has a clean and modern visual. It gives your podcast a unique personality. If you check the website’s homepage, you can see that you can display your latest released episode in the header, so your audience can easily find and listen to it. You can put as many episodes as you want on the main page as this WordPress theme has a great structure of list showing.

Another great thing about this theme is that people can easily subscribe to receive your content. You just need to use RSS Feed on your website. Learn more about how to add an RSS feed.

And for those wondering how your website’s SEO will stay, Dixie is optimized for top-notch page speed and SEO performance and is easy to customize.

  1. OceanWP – $59

This WordPress theme is perfect for your project. Who likes to access a website and wait forever for the page to load? Nobody, right?

One of the biggest recommendation points for Ocean as a WordPress theme is that it’s one of the lightest and most agile available, in addition to being easy to use. You can edit the settings on tablets and mobile, so your site looks good on every device.

If you want to change the look of your website, you can add extensions that allow you to add custom sidebars, share buttons, or whatever else you need.

  1. Gumbo – starting at $69

This is the first free theme on our list, but you can choose a paid version starting at $69. Gumbo offers a stylish look, a very elegant layout, and dozens of page builder settings.

It lets you control the look of your website with the Elementor page builder.

You can drag the elements while watching the changes in real-time to see what it looks like. You can also adjust each available feature to your liking. With Gumbo, you can display your episodes in multiple layouts and how you want to display your podcast.

With its multiple page styles, embedded media support, and custom, well-designed elements ready to use anytime, Gumbo’s a great option.

  1. Tusant – starting at $69

This WordPress theme is designed specifically for podcasters, music bands, vlogs, and other multimedia websites. This theme supports all podcast platforms, so it doesn’t matter where your podcast is hosted or where you plan to host it. 

You can display your podcast player anywhere on the website, making this theme particularly user-friendly. Tusant has a professional home page and offers plenty of customization options to change colours, arrange widgets, and many more.

  1. Viseo – $59

Viseo is a podcast WordPress theme with a “latest show” section for your site pages so listeners can quickly locate and check out your newest content.

You don’t need to know coding to customize your website with this theme. You can see a preview while you’re customizing as well. Viseo is also perfect if you want to start accepting payments and selling products on your page.

You can also easily upload and add high-quality videos to the theme’s locally hosted video player feature.

  1. Podcaster – $39

Podcaster is a clean, flexible, and responsive WordPress theme. The styling is very versatile, and you can choose between dark and light templates, the type of font or custom headers on the front page, blog page, and any other custom page templates.

It has unlimited podcast episode archive pages, so you can maintain your shows and seasons over long periods. 

One great thing about this theme is that the homepage contains an audio and video player feature that allows your visitors to see which person you interview – you can put a very catchy thumbnail to call their attention – the moment they enter your website.

  1. Satchmo – starting at $69

Are you one of those who like to put writing content along with the episodes to contextualize your audience? This WordPress theme allows you to do so. 

You can add icons in your headers and footers that will direct your audience to your social media accounts, which will help your blog get even more views.

It has a minimalist and elegant design with a background in rectangular shapes. It’s certainly a great option.

  1. Castpod – $45

Castpod is a professional podcast WordPress theme designed for audio podcasts which can be submitted to any external podcasting service like iTunes, Google Play, or Stitcher.

One great thing about this theme is that it includes MailChimp integration. This way, you can manage email content for your subscribers and prepare a weekly and monthly newsletter with news and interviewers that you are bringing in the next episodes.

The theme is also HiDPI optimized and will look great on any retina-ready device.

  1. Roogan – $69

This theme was made specifically for podcasters, vlogs, and other multimedia websites. It has beautiful and many variants of layouts for your home page with a complete set of features, including a powerful audio player.

Roogan can automatically detect the episode numbers and provides the option to strip the episode numbers from the post titles. Also, it can assign your episode to categories and group them into shows. You just need to choose one of its stylish layouts and upload an image.

  1. Castilo – $45

This theme is designed for you to run your own show. It will generate the required compliant RSS feed, so you don’t have to worry about adding plugins.

One of the great things about Castilo, besides the price, is that you can check all your podcast’s statistics. 

The backend panel offers daily, weekly, and monthly statistics about total listens, listeners, and listening sources. You get to see how many listeners use the site audio player, iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play, direct downloads, and many more.

Another useful feature of Castilo is that you can import episodes of your podcast published elsewhere. You can do all of this through the settings of Castilo, including creating a custom schedule that controls when to run the imports.

Castilo also has a great design and will give your podcast a professional look.

  1. Podcast Master – $99

This easy-to-use podcast WordPress theme with a front-end customizer can be used even if you don’t know anything about coding.

Podcast Master is perfect for podcasters who want to host their own podcast, embed their episodes from an external platform, and sell their own merchandise on their website.

This is a premium WordPress theme, so you can publish an unlimited number of episodes and count with good support for uploading and storing your audio files, including a newly designed podcast player.

There are eight pre-designed blocks to work with, a testimonials widget, and a lead capture form. You can check every feature on the Podcast Master page.

  1. Vice – $69

Vice is the first WordPress theme with a 3D interactive background and site-wide video background. Vice also has pre-made podcast page templates with players that support Soundcloud, MP3, and Mixcloud audio, so you can import and share your podcast almost instantly without changing the format of the template.

  1. GeneratePress – free or $44

GeneratePress is an open-source theme focused on speed, usability, and accessibility. It’s a free theme, but you can choose the paid version to get premium features and full access to the website’s library, so you can choose which templates fit your podcast better.

You can integrate this theme with the top audio plugins and choose between an unlimited number of custom colour combinations to give your website the look you want.

  1. Sonus – $49

This is a podcast and audio WordPress theme. You can customize your audio player the way you want. Do you want a special functionality in the audio player that jumps when clicking the episode? You can do that!

The theme’s pages are all formatted in a grid to keep your audio and written content organized on any device and screen the listeners open. 

  1. Onair2 – $69

If you want to build your audio podcast, this one’s for you. It has a complete set of tools for professional radio stations, including:

  • 11 custom post types
  • 7 custom widgets
  • 14 custom shortcodes, and much more!

If you want to sell your merchandise to your listeners and subscribers, you can, thanks to the theme’s WooCommerce integration. You can customize your social media buttons on the website and make them easy for everyone to find.

  1. Audioatro – $59

This WordPress theme gives you only two options of podcast templates but has an “Audio Visualizer” – a full-width audio player placed on top of a full-width, background image on your page. 

This audio player has 3D bars that rise and fall with the podcast’s volume levels to add a special and stylish look to the podcast. No coding knowledge is required to use this theme!

  1. WPcast – $53

This theme should be on your shortlist. It’s flexible, allowing various customizations, including fonts, colours, logo, and design. WPcast has two types of homepage layouts, and both have useful design elements and features.

It has a non-stop music player, a playlist, and integrations with Apple Podcast and Google Podcast. WPcast allows you to organize your work by series, category, and author. Your content will look professional and clean. You can even integrate with MailChimp to let subscribers know your newest content.

You can check every feature on their website. It’s a long list, and you’ll definitely love it.

  1. Megabyte – $59

Megabyte is another great WordPress theme with lots of features and customization.

With just a few clicks, your podcast’s website will be ready with a modern design thanks to the Drag & Drop Page Builder system. You can change the look of the site from their front-end theme customizer and easily adjust the fonts within the theme with the robust theme customizer

It also has RSS Feed, Retina, and eCommerce support – everything your podcast needs.

  1. Vlog – $59

Is your podcast audio-only, or does it have video? With Vlog, it doesn’t matter – it’s a multipurpose theme. And it doesn’t matter if you upload your content; you can integrate it easily inside your website.

Once you start putting the content inside your website, Vlog gives you all the tools needed to organize it in a way that’s easy for your visitors to navigate, creating a good user experience. 

There are more than 200 post layout combinations, and you can even allow your visitors to save videos and easily access them later and watch the full-screen video in a distraction-free cinema mode.

There are many useful and interesting video and audio playback features on Vlog. You definitely must check it out.

  1. Livecast – $59

This theme offers five types of demons and multiple premade players. Livecast is perfect for podcasters who want to watch the episodes and don’t worry about anything. 

It comes with a powerful audio player and the possibility of embedding content from Apple Podcast and other popular podcasting platforms.

It is also fully compatible with Elementor, so you can edit all its templates through an intuitive user interface. 

  1. Hestia Pro – starting at $69

Hestia Pro is a stylish one-page theme perfect for any type of business, including your podcast, since It supports video and audio content out of the box. This theme is one of the most popular in the official directory, so you can count on good support if you need anything. 

The customization available lets you make your website exactly as you want. It integrates with Gutenberg and all popular page builders: Elementor, Brizy, Beaver Builder, and many others.

Hestia Pro is an excellent choice if you want to make your website look professional.

Pros of Using a Pre-Built WordPress Theme For Your Website

We showed you 25 types of WordPress themes perfect for your podcast website, and it’s time to talk about their advantages in general.

No need for coding knowledge: When you think about building a website for your business, in this case, your podcast, most people think: “Wow, I’m going to need to know something about programming or hire someone who does, right?” WordPress themes come with pre-built layouts that let you simply click a button and, like a magic trick, already have a website.

Speed and money: Two of the best words when it comes to starting a business fast, right? People often choose pre-built WordPress themes because they’re so much faster, cheaper, and easier to become online. 

Options and updates: There are millions of theme options to choose from, and customize your website with them. Your website can become quite versatile and if you’re a person who likes to change layouts frequently, you’ll be able to do so easily. 

Another good thing about a pre-built WordPress theme is that they’re updated, giving you more and better features on your site. These updates also keep the theme compatible with the newest version of WordPress. 

Cons of Using a Pre-Built WordPress Theme For Your Website

You must be wondering: the price is very affordable, the advantages are huge, and I can have my entire website set up in a matter of minutes, so what’s the downside?

For starters, what happens when the people who created the theme no longer update it? Unsupported themes can become a security risk for your entire website.

And after a while, you’ll need to decide if you want to rebuild your website or just not update it. Remember, if you choose the second option, it also means that all the plugins you’ve placed on your site may also be incompatible with the version of WordPress you’re using.

Questionable codes: While the front-end may look great, the back-end may not. A badly-written code can affect the performance and stability of your website. Clean code is important and affects how search engines rank your website since themes don’t always follow SEO best practices.

Loading time: Many themes wind up, including dozens of Javascript libraries, CSS, and other components on every page load that will harm the SEO scores of the website, not to mention the frustration of someone trying to load an episode inside your website.

Summing It Up

In this article, we showed you the best 25 WordPress themes for your podcast website, their pricing, and the pros and cons of using them.
There are several options, each with specific functionality. It’s up to you to decide which one fits best for your podcast. If you found this article useful and are deciding which theme to use, take the time to read our tips for the best plugins for your WordPress website.

José is a journalist with a lot of experience in producing digital content focused on SEO. Has experience with translations, content production for social networks, and content editing. He is also an esports nerd!

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