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Learn how t do Keyword Research to optimize your SEO strategy
29 Jul

Keyword Research for SEO – An In-Depth Guide for Beginners

Researching keywords is a vital part of SEO - the keywords you choose will be your target. Keywords give direction to your SEO strategy. To understand what this means, you need to first understand what keywords are and how search engines utilize them. When you use a search engine like Google, you enter a word or group of words to search. Those are keywords. You can ask a question, type in the name of something or someone you want to know more about, or anything else. The search engine takes your keywords...

Blog post about paid search advertising
11 Jan

The Basics of Paid Search Advertising

If you are struggling to generate leads or to drive sales for your business, you should consider doing pay-per-click (PPC) or paid search advertising. A survey by PPCHero states that 79% of brands say that PPC is a huge lead driver for their business. It’s no wonder then, that the same survey suggests that 96% of marketers spend their money on paid search advertising. The average American business earns $2 for every $1 they spend on Google AdWords, so it’s no surprise that paid search advertising, particularly on AdWords, is such...