30+ Abandoned Cart Email Subject Lines To Use Today

Driving potential customers into your eCommerce store is already a huge task for many business owners.

Among the various components of the eCommerce experience, abandoned cart emails play a crucial role in recovering lost sales and re-engaging potential customers who visited a store but didn’t complete their purchase.

Think of them as a friendly reminder or a last resort for potential customers who want to buy from your store.

In these emails, the subject line captures recipients’ attention and entices them to return to their abandoned carts.

But what’s considered a good email subject line for this occasion? This HostPapa blog aims to offer the best email subject line examples to help you boost those sales figures in your online store.

What Are Abandoned Cart Emails and Why Are They Important?

An abandoned cart is when a customer places products in their online shopping cart but doesn’t finish buying them.

Shopping carts lined up

Many online businesses are losing sales and revenue due to shoppers abandoning their carts. Shopping cart abandonment can reach $4 trillion in lost revenue annually.

Studies show that abandoned carts happen around 69% of the time. These businesses need to find effective ways to recover these lost sales. Emailing potential buyers is a good option.

Did you know that around 40-45% of people open abandoned cart emails? This is because they remember having some items in their carts earlier.

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Email marketing plays a crucial role in re-engaging potential customers who have abandoned their carts.

Your email marketing team should send targeted and personalized abandoned cart emails to remind customers of their unfinished purchases and encourage them to return to complete the transaction.

Are Abandoned Cart Emails Spam?

Abandoned cart emails are usually not seen as spam and are a legal way of informing your customers that they left something in their shopping cart. However, let’s check out how they could turn into spam if you neglect some critical best practices.

Everyone wants to grab some attention from their customer base, but doing it aggressively will trigger spam filters.

Mail reminder with a clock inside a mail envelope

However, while it’s important to grab attention, it’s equally important to do it in a way that’s not too aggressive or spammy. This will help prevent your email from going into the recipient’s spam folder.

Using certain trigger words in your marketing emails or messages could trigger spam filters and end up in your customers’ spam folders.

Some of the most common trigger words for spam emails are:

  • Act now
  • Amazing offer
  • Cheap
  • Cash
  • Double your income
  • Apply now
  • Earn
  • Click
  • Money
  • Call free

…and many more. Nowadays, email filters are better at analyzing the email body and finding actual spam emails, so keep that in mind and always do your research to optimize your email marketing campaigns.

Therefore, it’s crucial to strike a balance between being attention-grabbing and avoiding spam trigger words so that your messages reach your target audience effectively. 

How Effective Is a Catchy Email Subject Line?

We’ve all been there, looking at our inboxes and scrolling through our favourite online store newsletters when something catches our attention.

That’s probably a well-written subject line!

Woman checking her email in a meeting

The subject line of an email serves as its first impression and plays a pivotal role in capturing recipients’ attention amidst the clutter of their inbox.

Incorporating catchy subject lines such as “Grab Your Free [Product] Now” or “You’ll Miss Out on Our Savings This Week” can intrigue recipients and entice them to open the email.

Studies have shown that emails with compelling subject lines have higher open rates, emphasizing the importance of crafting attention-grabbing phrases to maximize the effectiveness of abandoned cart recovery emails.

Let’s make abandoned cart emails even better by incorporating a few more things. Check them out below.

Tips For Writing Effective Email Subject Lines

To keep your subject line game at the highest level, it’s important to learn more about email strategy. An abandoned cart email strategy is very similar to any email marketing strategy, and good subject lines will play a significant role in converting a potential buyer.

Here are a few ideas straight from our marketing team:

Keep it Concise

In our fast-paced reality, brevity is key regarding subject lines.

Keeping subject lines short and to the point ensures they’re easily readable, especially on mobile devices with limited space. Since our attention span on mobile devices is short, we require brief information while commuting or waiting for the elevator.

By condensing the message into a few words or phrases, businesses can convey the essence of the email and prompt recipients to open it for more details.

To send an abandoned cart email, all you need is a picture of the cart and a clear call-to-action (CTA) to encourage the customer to complete their purchase online.

Add Personalization

Personalized subject lines have been shown to significantly increase open rates and engagement levels.

Adding the recipient’s name or referencing their previous interactions with the brand is an easy way for businesses to create a sense of familiarity and relevance, making the email feel more tailored to the individual recipient.

Did you know that using personalized messaging in email marketing can increase the success of your email campaign by up to 96%?

This means that more people will boost the click-through rates of your emails, which can lead to a 5-15% increase in revenue. Writing good subject lines can also extend beyond the recipient’s name to include details such as their browsing history or past purchases, further enhancing the effectiveness of the subject line.

Create Urgency and Scarcity

Creating a sense of urgency or scarcity in the subject line can compel recipients to take immediate action. Phrases like “Limited Time Offer!” or “Sale Ends Soon!” instill a fear of missing out (FOMO) and encourage recipients to open the email before the opportunity passes.

By highlighting the time-sensitive nature of the offer or emphasizing limited stock availability, businesses can motivate recipients to prioritize their abandoned carts and complete their purchases promptly.

Explore Curiosity Subject Lines

By creating a sense of intrigue, you can increase the likelihood that the recipient will open your email and read what you have to say.

A few examples of curiosity-inducing subject lines include asking a question, using a teaser or hint, or offering a benefit or solution to a problem. However, it’s important to be clear and concise in your subject line, as this can lead to disappointment or mistrust from the recipient.

Offer a Way Out (Unsubscribe Button)

Offering a way out is also a crucial aspect of email marketing.

Including an unsubscribe button in your emails is important to let users who don’t want to get notified about this type of content again. It not only fulfills legal requirements but also helps build trust with your subscribers.

By providing a clear way to opt out, you show that you respect their privacy and preferences, which can improve your brand reputation and reduce the chances of your emails being marked as spam.

Person holding an email message sign

Offer a Clear Call-to-Action (CTA)

We’ve talked about CTAs in the past and why they’re important for any marketing strategy.

A clear and compelling call-to-action (CTA) in the subject line gives recipients a clear directive on what action to take next.

Whether it’s “Complete Your Purchase Now” or “Join HostPapa Today,” including a CTA prompts recipients to engage with the email and revisit their abandoned carts.

No matter if we’re talking about cold email subject lines or simply targeting your cart abandoners, CTAs are a big part of guiding your recipients to take action on your website.

However, the CTA must be visible in the email body – at the top or the bottom of the email. Keeping abandoned cart emails concise, as noted earlier, is one of the best suggestions we can give aspiring new business owners.

By making the desired action explicit in the subject line, businesses can increase the likelihood of recipients clicking through to the email and ultimately completing their purchase. You can read more on the best email practices in our Elements of a Great Business Email blog post.

30+ Abandoned Cart Email Subject Lines to Try Today!

After learning all the basics about abandoned cart emails, let’s look at the top 10 subject lines that can help you increase your conversions and effectively boost sales.

  1. Complete your purchase now, [name]!
  2. [Name], a product in your cart is on sale!
  3. Forgot something? Check your cart!
  4. Did this catch your eye, [Name]? Grab it!
  5. Your shopping cart status, [Name]
  6. Running low on stock – complete your purchase!
  7. Hey [name], you left this in your cart
  8. [Name], we saved your cart
  9. Your [product] awaits! Complete your purchase, [Name]!
  10. Come back and enjoy 10% off your shopping cart items!
  11. Will you let these items disappear?
  12. Your cart is waiting, [Name]!
  13. [Name], got a minute?
  14. Strike while the iron is hot, [Name]!
  15. Psst! Here’s your shopping cart
  16. Did prices drop? Check your shopping cart, [Name]
  17. Still need this, [Name]? We got your back!
  18. I’m just a cart, don’t leave me behind!
  19. Your cart is half-empty, [Name]!
  20. Your shopping spree details, [Name]!
  21. Get XX% off your shopping cart items!
  22. Have questions about your [product]?
  23. Come back soon, [Name]
  24. Here’s some extra loot! Complete your purchase to get it!
  25. Don’t leave empty-handed, [Name]!
  26. Something is missing, right [Name]?
  27. Be your own Santa, [Name]!
  28. It’s like this [product] is made for you!
  29. [Product] won’t be around forever, [Name]!
  30. Time to finalize your purchase!
  31. Almost there, [Name]. Here’s what you left in your cart!


Here are some great subject lines you can use in your abandoned cart emails to boost your sales. A clear and direct subject line produces excellent results, and case studies confirm that.

You can use our abandoned cart email examples as templates to help your customers shop from your store. To avoid triggering spam filters, don’t use certain words in your subject lines, and offer a discount code to your customers as an additional incentive.

Crafting catchy email subject lines and using effective email examples can help boost your eCommerce sales and increase brand popularity.

A good email subject line will stand out compared to a dull and ordinary sentence. Consider using personalization in both the subject line and in the email body to help your customers feel appreciated and valued.

All in all, good conversion rates are hidden inside a well-written subject line, and you, as a business owner, need to ensure you try the best combinations that work best for your audience!

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