30 WordPress Themes for Personal Trainers

30 WordPress Themes for Personal Trainers

Motivation is paramount in the fitness industry. Personal trainers output that internal process into their daily routine and convey that to their clients. As a personal trainer, having an attractive website to motivate visitors to schedule an appointment is success 101, so finding the best WordPress theme to grab people’s attention is crucial.

A great WordPress theme can help in many areas. For example, having lots of customization options and excellent SEO support make building and maintaining your site a walk in the park! 

In another blog post, we focused on how to build a personal trainer’s website, covering every essential page you’ll need, answering many fundamental questions, and exploring why it’s good for your new business.

The power of WordPress is endless, and if you’re a personal trainer looking to create their first website, you’re in luck as we do have a massive list of 30 WordPress-compatible themes just for you. So grab your favourite protein snack, and let’s go!


1. Prowess

Strong and Bold are the two main words that Prowess goes by. Prowess is a complete WordPress theme for fitness professionals. It’s also ideal for personal trainers who want to see their website up and (you guessed it) running as quickly as possible.


It has nine homepages, many integrated plugins, and a powerful interface with many customization options that you don’t need coding experience to use. The homepages range from simple fitness projects to yoga sessions, and extreme sports to product showcases with an integrated store option to sell your products online. 

It also includes a helpful BMI calculator to determine your body mass index and a timetable plugin to organize your sessions efficiently – while keeping track of each session from an easy-to-read user interface.

2. Gym Edge

This theme could give you the edge over your competition! First and foremost, Gym Edge is by default mobile-friendly, which means it’s responsive to all devices and screen sizes. 

Where Gym Edge’s raising the bar is in its page variety. Having multiple homepages, landing pages, and different pages for classes is helpful to start building your own personal trainer’s website.

Customers book appointments through various style layouts, including a schedule table, sorted by class or day. Another crucial thing to note is that Gym Edge has a total of $70 worth of plugins like Visual Composer, WooCommerce, Layer Slider, and WP Logo Showcase, offering custom addons for a complete fitness training website.

3. JustFit

Sometimes, you want to be fit! JustFit is yet another WordPress theme capable of handling all website types. For a personal trainer like you, JustFit has everything in a simple, intuitive and well-designed interface.

Purchasing this theme will give you access to plenty of content, four layouts, a shop and a blog option to share informational content with your visitors. JustFit is a fluid and responsive WordPress theme and comes with a drag and drop interface to make website creation a breeze.

The theme also comes with speed optimizations while being SEO optimized so you can outrank your competitors! To keep everyone up to date, JustFit incorporates a handy newsletter tool along with many shortcodes, a review system and support for an online shop to create the perfect personal trainer’s website.

4. DailyFit

DailyFit is a versatile theme with many options and support for one of the most powerful page builders, Elementor. Having three main homepage demos, DailyFit gives you a substantial head start to build your website while keeping track of your daily routines!

This theme is more streamlined and carries lots of features. It’s fully responsive and works on any device. You’ll also find the awesome Slider Revolution plugin free of charge inside the package, which otherwise costs $29. 

Looking at the other themes, DailyFit is the most modern one, with many elements for you to explore. For busy personal trainers, it comes with a timetable for you to schedule appointments with your customers, and you can also showcase your available subscription plans. This way, you can push your fitness business further, not just your body!

5. F7

A superb personal trainer (like you) needs an equally awesome WordPress theme for their website! 

F7 is more than just a premium WordPress theme, and that shows. From every possible angle, you can see that it has support for every fitness professional, whether a gym business or a personal trainer. One of its key features is the drag and drop page builder Elementor that it supports and comes with. Sporting the open-source Pro Elements plugin is also a plus, which means you can use the Elementor Pro features for free.

You can build awesome web pages or use one of the included demos as a starting point to bring your business up to speed fast and with a premium flair. It supports all the popular WordPress plugins like WPForms, Yoast SEO to boost your rankings, and most importantly, WP101 Video Tutorials – $99 worth of content to learn WordPress starting today!

Along with these features, the F7 theme has full support for the latest WordPress 6 release, while the default lime colouring will bring joy to many personal trainers’ faces, but rest assured, you can get it to your liking!

6. TheGem

This theme is fully compatible with the Elementor plugin, and it’s considered multi-purpose, offering homepages and landing pages for almost every website you imagine.

For all personal trainers, TheGem has three great demos for you to choose from, offering a wide range of features and options to tackle every need. You can set up your schedule and let your workout-thirsty clients book their appointments online!

The bundled WPBakery page builder plugin is all you need to customize every aspect of your site. With the help of the Slider Revolution plugin (also bundled), you can create unique sliders to show off your space and some great pictures from your sessions.

7. Kalium

Although this is yet another multi-purpose theme covering many different applications, it still has some noteworthy features personal trainers would want.

It’s filled with useful features like the Elementor page builder, and it’s built for speed due to its optimized SEO nature. It features one fitness page, but it has 25 demo websites for you to draw design elements.

For a complete fitness project, Kalium has a classes page for you to show off what people can enjoy at your premises. Although this theme has many features, it lacks some modern elements that the other contenders on this list have.

8. Gym X

Gym X is a “magnet” because it attracts newcomers to your personal trainer business. Elegant and with some notable features to get you up and running fast, Gym X won’t go unnoticed.

Gym X is solely built for you, the personal trainer who wants a complete website that helps you grow your customer base.

It has class pages and supports membership plans to complete the feature set. Although it hasn’t been updated in quite some time, it’s one of the cheapest options to take a look at if you’re tight on budget. 

9. FitnessLife

In its simplest form, FitnessLife is a fast and powerful WordPress theme ideal for you. It lacks the captivating design other themes on this list have, but to make it up for it, it comes ready with many features.

It has support for memberships, galleries, an online store with the help of WooCommerce, and class pages. You can also list your co-workers’ biographies so everyone can know the team you’re working with. All these super useful features are accompanied by a blog system and some demo content, so fear nothing and jump on FitnessLife!

10. TopFit

With an imaginative name and with powerful options to go with it, TopFit is probably one of the top themes on this list!

TopFit is a modern and well-designed WordPress theme for gyms, fitness clubs and personal trainers. It also comes with multiple inner page layouts and is fully customizable so that you can bring it to your exact taste. Six demo pages are available and they all have something different to show you while fully responsive and retina ready.

The BMI calculator, the class timetable and the inclusion of multiple premium plugins like Slider Revolution and WPBakery page builder are user-friendly. They bring you closer to your goal of building a captivating personal trainer website.

11. FitPro

Enjoy the simple things in life, just like the FitPro theme! This WordPress theme is designed for fitness projects like gyms and personal trainers. The rich backend provides you with some valuable additions. Over eight custom post types, including a gallery, testimonials, pricing plans, and classes, are present in the backend, which you can later add to your pages.


This theme comes with the Visual Composer page builder plugin, which has 50 elements to add to your custom pages for truly remarkable results. 

Supporting custom colour schemes, video and parallax features, FitPro is undoubtedly a theme to keep in mind when you’re embarking on your website creation journey.

12. Gimnas

Even a website needs to get in shape, and Gimnas is another excellent example of a theme that can help you achieve this most entertainingly. 

Being built for Gyms, Yoga Classes, Fitness projects and our beloved personal trainers, it employs six homepages with contrasting colours and modern layouts. The developer says it needs absolutely “no coding skills,” which is true, as Gimnas comes with the popular WPBakery page builder plugin.

The Slider Revolution plugin, the integrated timetable to keep your appointments organized, and the included BMI calculator, along with many other features, complete the powerful feature-set Gimnas comes with.

13. Powerlift

The clever name of this theme conveys a meaningful message! This theme can lift your whole website using the powerful page builder Elementor.

The modern and dark design is enthralling and stays professional with its big, bold typography. You’ll find many custom pages in Powerlift, like a fullscreen homepage to showcase your services and before and after photos. At the same time, it incorporates an online store, so you can get ahead by selling valuable accessories to your customers. 

Powerlift lets you display your timetable through a beautiful and intuitive interface with high-contrast colours and simple animations. For all of you personal trainers, there’s also a blog, a shop and an event section to publish engaging content and sell your products. 

14. Gimox

If you need something unique, with many features and not just another personal trainer’s website, you should check Gimox. It’s professional, and even the default colours can mesmerize you. 

You can choose from three homepage demos, and they all feature the timetable and the body mass index plugins so every workout buddy can check their progress without leaving your site! Its responsive design, unlimited colours and powerful yet user-friendly theme options are the main attractions of this theme.

Gimox also is ready to be used along with the most popular plugins on the market like WPBakery page builder, Slider Revolution, MailChimp, Contact Form, and WooCommerce. With its 50+ template blocks, this theme has it all!

15. Meridian Fitness

Meridian Fitness is a must-see WordPress theme for personal training enthusiasts, but it comes with a catch.

It’s responsive and professional, and all its settings are inside the WordPress customizer, eliminating the need for a theme options menu hidden inside the dashboard. If you feel you have no time between sessions, then, thankfully, this theme provides an easy one-click demo import so you can start creating in no time!

The theme has four blog layouts, a custom trainers page, multiple trainers and classes pages, and a schedule block.

Unfortunately, this theme hasn’t been updated in almost 5 years, making it less attractive to new users seeking to become the next Rocky Balboa.


Let’s set something straight. KALLYAS is not just a personal trainer theme but a multi-purpose workhorse!

When you buy the theme, you get access to over 70+ website demos from which you can pump inspiration and create your own personal trainer look. One great addition is the Zion page builder that comes with the theme, giving you access to over 150 elements to add to your pages.

The page builder has some fantastic options to unlock your creativity while being fully responsive to enjoy your website from any device.

17. Infinite

Another fresh and powerful multi-purpose theme to bring your fitness project online! The Infinite theme has almost infinite demos, comes with its own page builder plugin and is highly customizable.

There are demos to build many professional websites, but one will grab the attention of personal trainers. Although it might feel rough around the edges, it comes with $72 worth of plugins like Slider Revolution and the powerful iLightBox plugin to produce professional results.

For the workaholics in the personal training realm, there’s also WooCommerce support, so you can set up your online store quickly and sell those awesome water bottles you’ve been thinking about!

18. BeTop

This theme is about the training aspect and is suitable for coaching, speakers, and personal trainers of all kinds. It comes with a fitness demo ideal for personal trainers and tackles every challenge using a modern and rounded interface.

There’s an appointment system and a classes page where you can display your available services. The courses page can act as a membership program where anyone can join simply by adding the course to their cart. 

BeTop is up-to-date with online documentation, GDPR compliance, and a secure online payment system. 

19. Steven Watkins

A modern gym or personal trainer should look at the Steven Watkins WordPress theme. 

With a simple about page, a blog, and a store option, the Steven Watkins theme has a drag and drop page builder and many elements to add to your web pages for a complete personal training experience. It’s a responsive theme with bold fonts and a simple interface that sends the message. There’s a services page where you can list all your programmes for your visitors. 

20. Qwery

This is another multi-purpose WordPress theme with over 1000 pre-made elements for you to drop on your web pages. You’ll find out that this is one of the most complete themes of this list. 

Working with Qwery can be a walk in the park with excellent documentation, FAQ and video tutorials. It has support for the Elementor page builder and many plugins like Online Booking, WooCommerce and an incredible library of blocks and elements to put on your web pages.

You can have a services table, a bookings page, testimonials from satisfied customers, contacts, and a blog to make Qwery a complete website building experience.

21. Activia

Activia has lots of features for the aspiring personal trainer. It provides a professional look, and all the options a personal trainer or a gym would want. 


There are pages for classes, blog support and an online store to find a place to sell your new yoga mat idea! From this intuitive interface, you can book classes, add testimonials to your home page, and add a list of your partner companies before showcasing your space on the integrated Instagram tools. 

A total of 5 home pages await you, and each has different layouts to pick the right one for you. Last, you’ll find $72 worth of plugins in the same theme package, so Activia is worth your time.

22. Yoga Fit

This is an attractive WordPress theme in many ways. It fits the bill by adding a timetable for your classes, keeping a boxed and full-width layout, and being plugin friendly, which means you can integrate your favourite WordPress plugins into Yoga Fit. 

To keep things tidy, the theme forever stands behind its premium support, has multiple translations, premium sliders and many options to build the website you want. SEO optimization is a good thing to help you climb the search engine rankings faster than ever. The responsive characteristics and the unlimited colours in every theme corner make Yoga Fit a theme you should try.

23. Fitness Zone

Fitness Zone can be your favourite WordPress theme for your next adventure.

It’s suitable for gyms, sports clubs, fitness projects, and, last but not least, personal trainers. It has five different homepage layouts, a trainers page, easy-to-change skins, and supports programmes design while the animations are a breeze. 

Fitness features a BMI calculator, Class timetables, fitness appointments, training programmes and an online shop to boost your fitness project.

Some animations and design elements might look a little dated compared to other themes on this list. But, with the underlying options and the power of WordPress, you can put in the effort and make it yours! 

24. Rumble

Rumble is mainly designed for boxing and MMA fighters, but it can work wonders for personal trainers, so keep reading!

It has full support for the all-new WordPress 6, and it comes with great functionality like an online store, a blog to write about interesting subjects and an abundance of shortcodes to add to your web pages.

Membership and event options are present at Rumble. You can find many valuable pages to add to your personal trainer website, like a Team page and an About page, so that people can learn more about your expertise.

25. Alex Stone

This is a very simple and lightweight theme with loads of options every personal trainer craves! 

Four homepages, an about me page, a services and features page, and a contacts page are all-inclusive in Alex Stone, and every little detail can be customized through the easy-to-use drag and drop page builder. 

The SEO optimization and responsive design are also there, offering an excellent experience for every user, regardless of their visiting device. 

26. Ironfit

Ironfit is a complete fitness theme, ready for gyms, fitness centers and personal trainers. This theme is modern to the core, and it comes with many fitness-specific features like an appointment booking system and pre-made modules for every possible page you can think of.

There are modules to add your services, lessons, testimonials, and trainers so visitors can get all their questions answered. 

Other than that, Ironfit supports the Visual Composer page builder to create excellent and responsive web pages everyone will stare at for days!

27. Niobe

With Niobe, you can launch a complete fitness website or a trainer’s agency without needing other tools and plugins. 

The theme provides many options, and it’s user-friendly with demos that are easy to import while offering three homepage layouts as a starting point. Its advantages lie within the drag and drop page builder and the complete list of pages a personal trainer will need.

Niobe also has WooCommerce support, so you can start selling your products to your customers from day one.

28. Athlete Fitness

Responsive and flexible are the top words to describe the Athlete Fitness WordPress theme. It’s compatible with the latest versions of WordPress and suitable for every fitness project that there is. 

It’s elegant and has every possible page you’ll seek from a fitness theme while also aiming to be pleasing to the eyes of your visitors. Visitors can become customers from within the homepage, as they can choose from a list of potential membership options. 

Personal trainers have another reason to select this theme, and that is the customization options. You can choose from seven different homepages, multiple header and footer designs, and plenty of colours to make it your own!


29. Massive Dynamic

It’s time for a “trully massive” theme in terms of features. The multi-purpose nature of Massive Dynamic means a complete library with 70 demos to play around with, and among them, there’s a gym variant that could work well for personal trainers. 

While it’s straightforward content-wise, you can add many elements to your web pages and enrich them with your enticing content. A feature-rich page builder is a powerful tool that combines every design-centric user with modern animations and responsive design.

30. Ekko

A personal trainer website must tick all their boxes, and Ekko does just that. With over 250 elements and 40+ designs, the unique dial goes up to eleven! 

You can list your classes, pricing and memberships and have a fully-fledged timetable to organize your calendar better. Among the endless demos, there’s a fitness one that can fit your needs the best way possible, creating a simple and yet enticing website for your personal trainer business.

What WordPress Theme Fits Your Bill?

These entries conclude our search for the 30 WordPress themes for personal trainers, and we must confess we found more than we anticipated! 

As noted on our other blog, being a personal trainer has specific website needs, like a services page, a membership, some testimonials to sweeten the deal and a blog area so you can write various topics about your fitness project.

The power of WordPress lies not only in its themes but also in its plugins, so if a theme doesn’t have a specific function integrated, you can add it with just a few clicks from inside WordPress. You’ll almost certainly find a plugin that extends your website’s feature set, and we can’t wait to hear YOUR success story! 

Last modified on: February 16th, 2024

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