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30 Apr

Infographic: Estimating Your Hosting Bandwidth Usage

Your website consists of things like code, images, text, maybe videos, and whatever else you choose to add to it. When a user lands on your website, it sends all this data to their device. Bandwidth defines how much of that data can be sent. For instance, when your phone plan runs out of data, you cannot use the internet and so on. Similarly, if you run out of hosting bandwidth, your website won't be able to send data to your visitors, thus it won't get displayed. In this infographic, we outlined...

How to Estimate Your Hosting Bandwidth Usage
9 Apr

How to Estimate Your Hosting Bandwidth Usage

You want as many people as possible to visit your website. If all those visitors are going to have a good experience, you’ll need bandwidth and a lot of it. Here’s why: Your website is made up of text, images, and many lines of code. All that is what’s called your website’s data, and when someone visits your site, you have to send all that data to their computer or mobile device. Technically, the term bandwidth refers to a computer network's data transfer rate. In the context of web hosting packages, however,...