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Facebook bot guide for your small businesss
17 Jul

Facebook Messenger Bot Guide for Small Business

(Last Updated On: December 14, 2021)

Running a small business is time-consuming. You’re often pulled in many directions, and 24 hours a day just doesn’t feel like enough. For many small businesses, their Facebook page is a source for qualified leads. However, managing a Facebook page, and especially the direct messaging, is yet another task that takes time and energy. Lucky for you, you can automate tasks using a Facebook Messenger bot. 

What Is a Facebook Messenger Bot?

Facebook Messenger bot is a software that uses artificial intelligence to perform tasks or answer simple questions. You may have encountered a chatbot in the past, trying to talk to a company’s customer service through their website. You can use the same kind of chatbot through Facebook Messenger.

With machine learning and artificial intelligence, chatbot technology has advanced to the point where people often can’t tell whether they’re talking to humans or robots. The Messenger chatbot is designed to interface specifically with the Facebook Messenger platform, including WhatsApp and Instagram. It’s a great way to save time but still engage with your customers.  

Put the Facebook Messenger Bot to Work for You

Implementing automation on your own can be scary, but it’s a great way to get more time back in your day, allowing you to focus on other tasks that need your attention. A Facebook Messenger bot can tackle several functions for you:

  • Customer support: Facebook Messenger bot will enable you to provide your customers with instant and automated help. This improves support times and reduces the number of unnecessary calls to your business line. A Messenger bot can answer questions, provide advice, or direct a person to a specific web page or phone number. Often, a Messenger bot can take the load off your already-busy team, and acts as a Customer Service department. Order confirmations, shipment tracking, and more can be handled with a chatbot. 
All you need to know about Facebook chatbots.
  • Increase sales: Facebook Messenger isn’t just a support tool or a communication app. Once you’ve set up your chatbot and synced Messenger to your storefront, you can configure more advanced features to help drive sales and conversions. The chatbot can even make product recommendations based on questions your customers answer.
  • Re-engage customers: Following up with customers is a great way to activate sales. A Messenger bot can automate reminders to customers who have items left in their cart, or those who haven’t engaged with you for a specific period. Use a Messenger bot to send them relevant information, compelling them to take action. 
  • Expand your audience: Facebook Messenger is one of the most popular apps globally, with over 1 billion monthly active users. Increase your audience and engagement by expanding your use of Facebook Messenger. For example, add a Messenger widget to your website with a WordPress plugin like WP Chatbot and increase your Messenger contact list off of Facebook.

Develop a Bot Strategy 

As with all sales and marketing activities, it’s essential to start with a strategy. First, define your goals. What do you want to achieve by implementing this new tool? Which operations do you or your team currently manage that a bot could easily handle? Take a bit of time to analyze the most common topics/requests on which your audience contacts you. 

For example, if you get a ton of messages about your store hours or shipment’s status, program a Messenger bot to do this. Just imagine how much time you would save! 

Once you’ve established your goals, be sure to:

  • Set clear expectations for the customer: Be transparent with your customers – let them know they’re talking to a bot. Doing this, they’ll know what kind of questions to ask and how to get more help.
  • Personalize content: Remember that not all customers are the same. They have specific needs. The best way to cover your audience’s needs is to segment them and train your bot to ask questions based on their preferences. Given the answers it receives, you should be able to provide it with tailored responses that speak to each audience segment. Build a bot that offers genuinely helpful information, not just generic answers. 
  • Don’t venture to replace the human connection: While bots can handle a lot, they can’t replace a person’s communication skills and personality. Design your bot so that it recognizes when human interaction is needed. Give your customers the option to speak to a real person at any point in the conversation. 
  • Keep improving: Your Facebook Messenger bot needs to align with the rest of your social media strategy. Like all plans, you have to analyze and improve them regularly. Keep an eye on your bot’s performance, and see what areas you can enhance on a timely basis. You could do it every quarter, for example. 
Bots can't replace persons, but they can help a lot with your business

Use Tools for Building Messenger Bots

Don’t worry, you won’t have to build a chatbot all on your own. There are multiple platforms to help you create a chatbot designed to automate specific functions in your business. Some of the best self-serve chatbot tools include:


One of the most popular platforms, Chatfuel accounts for 46% of all Messenger bots. Chatfuel allows you to build a chatbot with no coding experience, that can increase sales, reduce costs, and automate support on Facebook.


ManyChat focuses more on the sales and marketing aspects of chatbots, like selling products, booking appointments, and building your list. ManyChat is designed to get you up and running quickly: you’ll have a bot in minutes!


MobileMonkey helps businesses instantly chat with future customers on Messenger, native webchat, and SMS. MobileMonkey is one of the fastest-growing platforms, thanks to its Free Forever edition. 

Tools you can use for messenger bots
Image credit: Vilma Nuñez

Enter the Future of Business Communication

Chatbots are versatile tools. You can set them up to handle customer support or perform marketing and sales tasks such as lead generation, answering questions, or customer onboarding. 

For a small business with limited resources, a Facebook Messenger bot can provide a helping hand, where there isn’t a human one available. Whether you use a bot to support your existing team or be your right-hand helper, they’re useful in any industry.

Automate the routine and get the time you need to focus on other business activities. While you’re busy, the Facebook Messenger bot will support your customers, promote your products, and close sales.

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