How to manage your hosting account subdomains

You can create a subdomain for any domain name you have connected to your HostPapa account. A subdomain allows you to section off your hosting account to act as a different website without getting a new domain name. The subdomain address includes an additional element positioned in front of your main domain in a URL (e.g.

How to manage your hosting account subdomains

1) Log in to your HostPapa Dashboard

2) Click on My cPanel or My WordPress.


3) Scroll down to the Domains section and select Subdomains.


4) Management options include the ability to create a subdomain, modify existing subdomains or remove a subdomain from your account.


Create a subdomain

1) Create a Subdomain, enter your desired subdomain name in the Subdomain field, and then use the Domain dropdown menu to select the domain that should be used.


2) The Document Root field will be automatically populated. This is the directory on your server in which subdomain files will be stored. You can edit the document root name if you wish.

3) Click Create to set up the subdomain.

Modify a subdomain

To make a change to your subdomain, scroll down to the list of subdomains previously created on your hosting account.


Options here include changing the Document Root or configuring redirection rules to point your subdomain to a different URL.

Remove a subdomain

To delete a subdomain from your hosting account, click Remove.

If you need help with your HostPapa account, please open a support ticket from your dashboard.

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