How to remove the welcome panel in WordPress Dashboard

The Welcome panel, located in the dashboard page of the WordPress admin area, consists of different shortcuts to different sections, tasks, and help for new users. It can be very practical when you are starting to familiarize yourself with WordPress. But, as you become a more advanced user, this panel might only push down important widgets that could come in handy for you.

There are many ways to hide or remove the welcome panel. In this article we will tell you the easiest ones.

The fastest way to hide the welcome panel is to click on the Dismiss button located at the top right corner.

Or you can also click on the Screen Options button located at the top right corner of your panel. Then, uncheck the checkbox right next to the label “Welcome”.

To see the welcome panel again, you just need to go back to the Screen Options and check the box next to “Welcome”.

If you also want to remove the Welcome panel from the Screen Options, you can do it by adding code to your WordPress site.

Add the following code to a site-specific plugin or to your theme’s functions.php file.

remove_action('welcome_panel', 'wp_welcome_panel');

This will completely remove the option that shows the welcome panel in the admin dashboard.

If you visit the Screen Options again, you won’t be able to see the welcome label.


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