How to create a page in WordPress

Before you create new pages in WordPress it is important to understand what the difference is between pages and posts.

  • Think of pages for static content that won’t change regularly, like a Contact or About page
  • Think of posts as news updates that get added regularly


Creating a new page

To add a new page go to Pages > Add New.


  • In the first field add a title
  • In the WYSIWYG editor add the content for the new page

Page attributes

Featured images

A Featured Image is used by some theme to display an image at the top of the page. To add a Featured Image in the sidebar click on Set Featured Image.
















Page template

Some themes have multiple templates for you to choose from when you create a page. A template controls things such as the layout of the page, etc. The number of temples that you will be able to choose from will differ from theme to theme. To select the template click on the Template dropdown menu and select the template you wish to use.
















Page parents

If you want your page to be a subpage of another page then you can select its parent by clicking on the Page Parent dropdown menu and selecting the page you wish to be its parent.


















Status refers to the publish status. Published, Draft or Pending Review. If you wish to change the status then click on the Edit status button in the sidebar and select your desired status.

















By changing the visibility you decide who can see you page. The three options are:

  • Public – anyone can see
  • Private – only you can see
  • Password Protected – anyone who knows the password can see

The default visibility is public. To change the visibility click on Edit visibility in the side menu and select your desired visibility.

















You can decide when you want your page published. Enter a date in the future or you can even set it to a date in the past.

To set the publish date click on Edit date in the sidebar.
















When you are finished editing your page click Publish.



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