Email 101: The Benefits & Risks to Email Marketing Selection for Small Businesses

E-mail Marketing can be critical in helping a business grow. According to the average return for every $1 spent on email marketing is $44.25. While that return can be exciting, it is crucial that business owners market their emails correctly. As reported, there are 247 billion emails sent every day, so it is important that emails stand out and go to the right people. Making the wrong choice when it comes to marketing e-mails can lead to a business’s email being blacklisted and blocked.

Joining forces with the right email service provider can ensure that your email marketing is successful. Continue reading to learn about all the benefits and risks associated with selecting email marketing services. We’ve also included a few tips that will help small businesses run their first successful email marketing campaign, providing they have chosen the right type of email option suited for their needs.

The Benefits of Email Marketing

  1. Low Cost
    One of the great features of email is that there is no print or postage cost. Businesses don’t have to pay fees for exposure on billboards or magazine ads, the only costs are in-house. The return on an investment into email marketing can be huge!
  2. Global
    Unlike other marketing strategies, email can reach consumers around the world at very little cost. A good email marketing plan can make it easy to grab the attention of every one of the 91% of consumers around the world  that check their emails every day.
  3. Impulse Buying
    Not many platforms will allow consumers to go from viewing an offer to buying in just a few clicks of a mouse. A successful email marketing campaign, with a tempting offer and a link to the checkout, can increase sales immensely.
  4. Tracking
    Small businesses need to track the efforts and statistics of emails and associated email campaigns. Email tracking software allows users to track click-through, open email and conversion rates, to see how to improve an email marketing campaign. It’s likely that your current hosting provider may offer this software in some capacity. It would definitely be worth a call to their customer support team.
  5. Payoff
    As stated above the average return on investment for email marketing is amazing and undeniable.. An email marketing investment is considered to be one of the highest returns for any type of ad-campaign. A study in 2012 showed that email ad revenue generated $156 million. Emails are cheap to create and the investment brings results.

Risks of Email Marketing

  1. Spamming
    When starting an email marketing campaign one should never purchase an email mailing list. Sending email to consumers who did not subscribe to you goes against the CAN-SPAM Act and can result in spamming reports and eventually get your email black-listed and banned. The best results from email marketing come from starting a mailing list from scratch to people who actually subscribe to your service.
  2. Reputation
    A business puts its reputation on the line when starting an email marketing campaign, which is why it is important for businesses to stay genuine when sending out email.If you’re not sure about your email, follow these points that have been laid out by the CAN-SPAM Act:
    • Don’t use false or misleading header information
    • Don’t use a deceptive subject line
    • Messages must include a valid physical address
    • Give readers an opt-out/unsubscribe option

5 Tips to Get Your Email Marketing Campaign Started

  1. Mail With A Purpose
    Before sending out any email make sure you have a specific goal in mind. Are you trying to educate your audience about your product? Maybe you’re trying to sell a new product, or invite subscribers to an event. Make sure you know what your goal is and that the email is designed around that goal.
  2. Send Out Emails Regularly
    To ensure that your customers, stay your customers, businesses need to send out quality emails regularly. A great  Advanced email option ensures that customers can continually send out emails, with or without attachments, by eliminating limit restrictions and offering other sharing features.
  3. Don’t Make It Too Busy
    The design of an email plays a crucial role in the success of your campaign. If there is too much information on a page, or too many images, readers will lose interest. Include the essential information and relevant images to catch your reader’s eye. Fewer words means that readers will retain more and graphics or images can usually appeal to them as well.Finally, make sure to include links that lead back to your business, these could result in more traffic and increased conversions.
  4. Give Them What They Want
    Consumers subscribe to receive your emails for a variety of reasons. To build a strong mailing list make sure you send subscribers what they signed up for.If you deviate from what you promised originally, you may find a high amount of customers unsubscribing to your emails. If you send too many emails they may also unsubscribe.
  5. Use A Professional Email Provider
    Selecting the best email option and provider can make or break your email campaigns. HostPapa’s Advanced Email is the best, most affordable solution. Advanced Email doesn’t restrain users on the amount of emails that can be sent, and provides a large inbox to help retain customer responses.Additional features such as syncing your mobile devices to your mailbox and using other sharing features to eliminate attachment size restrictions, can give accessing and sending emails a more laid-back feeling. It’s a simple way to increase the productivity and efficiency levels of  any business.

Alexandra is an important part of the HostPapa content team. She lives in Montreal, reads excessively, is passionate about SEO and loves fashion. Her friends call her Sparks. You can too.

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