Ways To Use Video On Your Website

6 Ways to Use Video on Your Website

Did you know that by 2021, 82% of all internet traffic will be video-based?

You cannot deny the popularity of video content when it comes to communicating with a virtual audience. That’s why, as a website owner, you need to be creative with how you use videos, and how you incorporate them into your digital strategy. 

In this article, we’ll give you some interesting pointers on how you can make use of one of the most exciting and simplest marketing tools out there.

So let’s get the ball rolling! 

#1: Social Proof Through Testimonials

Video testimonials influence people to take action on your website. And the statistics speak for themselves. These testimonials act as ‘social proof’ for your business and help build trust with people online. 

Customer testimonials are considered to be the most effective content marketing tactic by 89% of content marketing professionals. By ‘effective’ we mean that they help you produce a Return on Investment of the amount of money or time you spent making them.  As well as this, videos rouse your website visitors emotionally and spark a connection with the audience. 

According to Robert Cialdini, an international expert on social influence, ‘social proof’ is one of the best ways to influence people, as it shows others that people enjoy working with you or like buying your products and services. Therefore, video testimonials can change the way website visitors perceive your brand, convincing them to trust you.

An example of a company that’s using video testimonials to their advantage is Code Academy. They have customers who previously had no experience in coding, give video testimonials on how Code Academy was the easiest and most effective way in helping them learn. 

That way, other potential customers see these videos and are actually influenced to do the same! They call their testimonials “life stories” and give off the appeal that their brand has helped change lives, thus creating an impact on the user. Sure, a visitor to your site could read a testimonial, but watching a video is a lot more entertaining, and the audience can really engage with what the person is saying on screen. 

A video explaning your product will get more attention
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#2: Tutorials to Educate Your Audience

The second way you can leverage videos is by educating your audience. For example, you can educate your internal audience⁠—your employees. It may be that they need occasional training and video is an excellent way to provide them with this. Think about it, would you rather watch a 10-20 minute training video or sift through a long, boring manual at work?

You’re also able to educate your external audience—your customers. They will always appreciate learning more about your company, your products, how to use them, and any other solutions you may offer, especially in the form of a video. It’s a quick and easy way to learn all about your company.

The beauty of it all is that making videos is so easy! You can use a tool like “Camtasia”, which creates video tutorials via a screencast, and it also allows you to record your voice. Or you can simply create interesting videos on a camera, and involve real people. This humanizes your videos and gives them a much-needed emotional appeal!

#3: Video Live Stream

One of the best ways to incorporate video is by doing a live stream! It makes your website come alive! By enabling people from all around the world to simply log in and access an event, a video live stream has the power to help businesses build global communities. 

You can use YouTube, Facebook, or other live streaming software tools, and embed the live stream onto your website. Make sure you let people know you’re showing a live stream so they can join in and make the most of it! 

If you delve deeper into live streams, you’ll learn a ton of other ways to take advantage of this type of video on your website. For instance, you can create an ‘audience poll’, to receive some insights and feedback from your audience. Not only will you engage with them, but you’ll also be able to build a solid connection with them! 

#4: Add Videos to the “About Us” Section of Your Website

People don’t want to just visit a fancy-looking website. They want to know who the people are behind it. At the end of the day, human beings like to work and interact with real people. Therefore, making videos for the “About Us” section on your website gives it a real personal touch. 

Capturing the people behind the website by interviewing the CEO, the CFO, and other employees within your business shows the world who you are. Videos about the team give people a ‘behind the scenes’ peek into your brand’s personality, and give your business a sense of credibility in the impersonal online world! 

#5: Promote Your Business

As our attention spans become shorter and shorter, videos are an excellent way to engage a visitor who lands on your website for the first time. 

If they want to know more about your company, all they need to do is click on the ‘play’ button and watch a video about you and your business. Videos are an excellent way to promote your business online! 

Promotional videos can be made in many different formats. They can be explainer videos that are 3-dimensional or 2-dimensional, whiteboard style videos, as well as normal camera-recorded videos. Think about what type of video suits your brand’s image and pick the one that works best.

51% of marketing professionals worldwide name video as the type of content with the best ROI. And more than 64% of consumers make a purchase after watching a branded social video. That’s the power of a well-made promotional video on your website! 

#6: Product Videos 

If you have an eCommerce store, you should definitely think about using product videos to showcase your products. A product video captures its top features, benefits, and anything else that will convince your audience that this is the product they’re looking for! 

No one does product videos better than Apple. The shots of the phone’s intricate details, the ability to showcase what’s inside the product on camera, and all of the aesthetics in the video are done so well that the viewer is immediately convinced that they need the latest model. 

Studies show that viewers are 64-85% more likely to buy a product after watching a product video. The conversion benefits of adding product videos to your website are second to none! 

In the future, we might even see a certain degree of personalization of online product videos, so consumers are able to gauge the product’s suitability for them before they even purchase it. 

By 2021, 82% of all internet traffic will be video-based.

What Are the SEO Benefits of Videos? 

From an SEO perspective, videos can be an amazing catalyst to drive traffic to your website. Not only can you use them on your website, you can also publish them on video platforms like YouTube and direct the traffic to your website. Make sure you include your website URL on the YouTube video descriptions so people know where to go after watching it. 

It’s important that you optimize your video for SEO by including relevant keywords in your video’s meta tags. Remember, search engines still ‘crawl’ text, so your video descriptions, meta tags, and video names must include well-researched keywords for them to be effective. 

Another benefit of using videos is that they help you to build referral links. When your online referral partners see that you’re using high-quality videos, they’ll trust you more, and will be more likely to give you a backlink, compared to someone who’s website content isn’t as exciting! 

So if you want better conversion rates and a better SEO ranking, video is clearly the way to go! 

Wrapping It Up

The popularity of video content is growing every single day, with more than 72 hours of video content being uploaded to YouTube every 60 seconds. What’s even more staggering is that more than 500 million hours of video are watched every single day on YouTube! Be smart and creative about how you execute this wonderful marketing tool. Catch the video wave! 

María is an enthusiast of cinema, literature and digital communication. As Content Coordinator at HostPapa, she focuses on the publication of content for the blog and social networks, organizing the translations, as well as writing and editing articles for the KB.

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