Free Online Logo Makers to Unlock Your Imagination

Creating a logo from scratch seems impossible if you’re not a designer, but it’s paramount when you build a business. We live in an age where countless things are possible online, and logo design falls into this category.

There are multiple logo makers online, and they all seek to produce good designs. Some of them are even free! There are many steps involved in creating a logo, and online logo makers or creators are here to make it a fun process.

What is an Online Logo Maker?

Forget the expensive software, the folders full of fonts, pencils, and the graphic designer controlling all the moving parts. An online logo maker takes the creative process online, inside your browser, from the comfort of your home.

Online Logo Makers are online services you can use from your browser. They come with an intuitive interface that helps you create a logo using predefined materials like shapes, fonts and images.

Sometimes, Online Logo Makers offer their services for free, leaving you with premium options if you’re satisfied with the results. That means you can download higher-quality logos or complete marketing packages for a price.


How Much Does It Typically Cost to Create a Logo?

If you have no prior experience designing a logo, you’re most likely to need help from a design agency or a freelance designer. Both of these options are fine, but they can be pricey. Not an easy road to take if you’re doing this for the first time.

Designing a logo with an agency can bring along plenty of advantages. Usually, a design agency will conduct thorough research of your competitors and weigh your business model and your vision before they start working on the logo. 

Prices might hover around $2,000 or even more, depending on the features the agency provides. The agency’s clientele can play a significant role in how much they’ll charge for a logo design. Usually, a design agency will provide you with more than just a logo, meaning they will create a marketing plan and offer multiple logo formats to use on the web and in print media.

If your budget is tight, this might not be your cup of tea. So instead, continue reading to find out about the Best Free Logo Makers Online!

Should I Use an Online Logo Maker?

Logo design is a time-consuming process, so this is precisely where an online logo maker can help. The critical question here is, should you use an online logo maker?

You can get away with using a free online logo design service for some projects, but even for some small businesses, a freelance designer will sometimes offer more personalized results. 

When you want your business logos fast or want to experiment with some ideas for later, why not use a free online logo maker? It will certainly help your imagination.

Free Online Logo Makers are a great way to experiment before going to a design agency or a freelancer, as they will unblock your creativity and help you get some fresh ideas to work with. They’re a great starting point.

The Importance of a Logo for a Business

Every business needs a professional and unique logo, and that’s what most companies are searching for. Apart from making your business look unique, a spot-on logo will create a bond with your customers as it grabs their attention at first glance. 

A good logo aligns better with your business, and you will carry it everywhere. A logo can also validate a business’ professional identity before someone further explores what you offer to your customers. 

Choosing the right fonts and colours are also very important factors that help reach a cohesive image that embraces your branding.

Plus, it’s the first thing everybody sees when visiting your website.

How Good Is a Free Online Logo Maker?

Online Logo Makers have come a long way in recent years, and right now, there are some great tools that produce pretty good results. Platforms begin to use more advanced algorithms, and with the help of AI, these tasks evolve into more unique ones, taking less time than before.

These days, online logo makers are becoming more and more sophisticated due to advancements on the internet. With the introduction of HTML 5 in 2010, the Web 2.0 era has enabled the creation of online apps, and Logo Makers are one of the many online tools available today.

Are Online Logo Makers Easy to Use?

AI brings a lot to the table. Not only does it create logos from scratch, but the randomization element brings a unique character, something that’s critical in any business or company.

Most of these platforms share similar interfaces, and they keep the same amount of options to stay user-friendly. 

Lately, we see the introduction of such tools by companies that revolve around the creative space, such as Squarespace, Wix, and Adobe, who are getting into Online Logo Making with easy-to-use solutions. 

Can I Make My Own Logo for Free?

The short answer is yes! But we have to state what this comes with.

Many free online logo creators come up with restrictions on the files you can download in the end, and they force you to use some premium package to continue. Others will let you download a non-transparent image, making it harder to stick on web or print media.

While this will act as a blocker, it doesn’t mean that online logo makers aren’t worth your time at all. Whether you’re a freelancer or just starting your own business and want quick results, these online services are a great start. Using online logo makers as a stimulation will get you on track to create something else.

What are the Best Free Online Logo Makers?

Today there are more than a handful of online logo makers available. Here are some of the many you can choose from.


Adobe Express Logo Maker

Let’s start by exploring our first option. Adobe Express is a free online tool by the tech giant Adobe, seeking to help you in the logo creation process. The Logo Maker is just another application under the Adobe Express umbrella, and there are more tools than you’ll ever need.

The free version gives you a limited number of templates and font options, and the results are great. Moreover, it lets you download the final result upon signing in, but a paid option for $9.99 per month includes over 20,000 fonts and loads of premium templates and design assets.

Canva Logo Maker

Canva is best known for being the tool to create your CV or resume, but it also has a free logo maker online. The online tool greets you with a small tutorial video letting you know of all the platform’s design features.

Overall there’s a good amount of design elements like pictures and templates for you to use for free, and there are additional paid plans giving you access to millions of stock photos, assets, fonts and 100GB of storage.


This tool that comes from the creators of Shopify asks some basic questions regarding your business and the style you’re searching for, and then it presents you with some examples. Then, you can select and edit one, but to download it, you’ll need to sign up.

Although other solutions have subscription-based plans, Hatchful only has the free option.

Freepik Logo Maker

Freepik is popular for its extensive library of high-quality graphics and tools, like the Freepik Logo Maker. This logo maker allows users to craft professional logos by editing existing templates or creating designs from scratch, ensuring that users can craft their desired logo with minimal effort.

It makes this logo maker a go-to choice for anyone looking to establish a strong brand identity.

The Freepik Logo Maker is completely free to use, offering many templates and design elements. Users can experiment with different styles, colours, and typography.

For those seeking even more creative freedom and resources, Freepik offers a premium plan. This plan grants access to an expansive collection of premium assets and unlimited use of Freepik’s powerful tools.


It’s not a typo – it’s just a LogoMakr. This tool is simple and offers a handful of options for free. Although the tool produces low-resolution images for free, there’s an option to download higher-resolution logos for a price.

There’s also a paid option if you want to create more than just one logo, and in all the plans, you get your logo in many different formats and high-resolution files.

Ucraft Free Logo Maker

Ucraft is primarily a website builder for small businesses, creators, bloggers and small online stores, and it offers a free option as well. Ucraft Free Logo Maker is simple and easy to use, which means you have very few creation options, but it’s completely free. 

Alternatively, because Ucraft only provides you with a basic image of your logo, you can spend $10 to download in SVG format, which is usable both on print and web media.

Tailor Brands

Tailor Brands seems more thorough while asking the same questions like your brand’s name and industry. 

After selecting your brand’s name and the tagline, you get to pick the Logo Type, which can be icon-based, name-based or based on initials. After some more steps, Tailor Brands presents you with a logo that ticks every box you have so far checked, leading to pleasing results.

We have to note that you need to log in to download the logo in the free version, and it also comes as a jpeg file with low resolution. Alternatively, if you’re happy with the result, you can opt for the paid options, which charge monthly from $9.99 to $49.99 per month. The paid options also give you access to vector and high-resolution files and free ownership of your logo. 

Free Logo Design

This online tool promises to quickly give results by browsing through several logo templates right after writing your project’s name. 

While other options limit your resources, Free Logo Design gives you everything at once, and if you’re satisfied with the result, you can download a 200 x 200 pixel file on your computer or pay $59 for a PNG (5000 x 5000 pixels) JPG files, Vector SVG and PDF of your designs.

Pros and Cons of Free Online Logo Makers

Free online logo makers are beneficial in many cases, but what really matters is having a unique logo design that stands out. 

Do you want your logo designed fast? Then a Free Online Logo Maker is currently the fastest option you have, as you won’t need to deal with the software on your computer or even a designer to work on it. The greatest advantage of such tools is speed.

Most professional logo designers have conversations with their clients to understand their needs better. Because it’s essentially the first thing visitors see, a logo must bind well with the business and align with the business model.

Online Logo Makers lack this human element, but in this modern era, solutions like AI Logo Maker are definitely making their presence more visible in the current market landscape.

Another downside of using free online logo makers is that some want you to log in to their platforms to download, even the low-resolution files. While some of these solutions offer their content with ads, giving away your email like that could raise concerns in some users.

Is Your Logo Copyrighted When Using Free Online Logo Makers?

The biggest concern of some people is whether they have full ownership over the logo they just designed. 

Designing your logo online means you have to use a tool somebody created, but that doesn’t release them from owning parts of your logo. Having stock photos or other publicly available assets can be a headache if you want to copyright the end result. 

Check carefully every tool’s terms and conditions before proceeding, and make sure the assets provided are freely available and not already copyrighted by a third party. 

Alternatives to Free Online Logo Makers

While we looked at some free online logo makers, it’s safe to say that there are plenty of options if we want to spend a little extra. Well-known website builders and freelance designers offer some great tools you can use, even if your budget is tight.

Here are some examples of paid solutions to explore if you feel that none of the above tools are doing the trick.


We live in an exciting era where AI applications make their way into our daily lives. LogoAi is one of them and a very interesting online logo maker, which sadly isn’t available for free. The people behind it offer their freelancing services starting from $50, but their attraction is the online logo maker that uses AI technology to help design the perfect logo for you.

You start by typing your business or project’s name and slogan, specify the industry you’re working in, the colour scheme of your brand and lastly, the logo’s type. For the last step, LogoAi gives you some real-world examples from companies to get inspired and then it starts crunching the numbers.

The result is a never-ending list of logos generated as you scroll down the page. You can select one and edit it, giving you variations of it along the way. 

For the final result, you will have to shell out $29 if you want a basic 800 x 600 pixel logo in PNG format before moving on to the professional $99 option, which gives you more branding assets like business cards, posters, mockups, photos for social media etc.

Graphic Springs

This is a paid online logo maker and works much like the other tools in this list. By writing your business name and tagline, it presents a long list of image categories for you to choose from. 

The basic fee is $19.99 for a high-resolution image in jpeg format. There are also other paid plans that can reach up to $199 for the Platinum package, which offers branded presentation templates and PSD files with the result.

Wepik Logo Maker

If you’re looking for a free online logo maker that offers professionally designed templates, fully customizable features, and an extensive collection of custom objects, Wepik Logo Maker is another good choice. It’s quick, easy to use, and completely free, albeit only by logging in.

With Wepik Logo Maker, you can customize your logo by changing fonts and colours or uploading elements. Plus, it offers many file formats to download your final logo, including PNG, JPG, and PDF, all in a user-friendly interface.

Squarespace Logo Maker

Squarespace is a well-known website builder. With its growing popularity over the last five years, it has incorporated some extra tools like a logo maker to make things even easier for its subscribers. If you have a Squarespace subscription, the Logo Maker is already included in your plan, and you can use it to create – you guessed it – logos!

After it asks for your business’ name, you can start creating your own logo through some simple shapes and fonts. While it needs you to login to continue, this online logo maker is very sleek and keeps a cleaner look compared to other solutions. 

Wix Logo Maker

Wix is another website builder that launched its online Logo Maker. Once you log in to your Wix account, you will have many assets at your disposal, while they give you plenty of logo ideas to choose from. 

Like Squarespace, Wix will let you create your own logo for free if you already have an account on its service. 


AI-powered online logo makers are indeed trending now, and Looka is another one on the list. Through a series of questions, it provides an entire branding kit with logos, demos of promotional material, freebies, and swag, all related to your project.

You’ll need to pay from $20 in the basic package (one-time purchase) up to $65 (one-time purchase) to download logos in many formats. For the more demanding users, there are options including a brand kit for $96/year or $192/year including an AI-generated website.

If You Don’t Want to Use a Free Online Logo Maker, You’ll Need to Hire a Professional Designer or a Design Agency

If you think that, in the end, none of these will get you through this process, you have to explore the options a professional logo designer will bring to the table.

Hiring a freelance designer will often ask for the least amount of money and will probably bring you a lot closer to your goal. Upon discussing it, a freelancer will have more things to work on and lead you to a better result than solely trusting yourself. 

While design agencies mostly do this, a freelancer with the right amount of experience will provide you with more than just a logo. Some freelancers also provide clients with a complete marketing plan or branding kit full of material for web or print media. 

And if you think your project is even more than that, you can hire a professional graphic designer from a design agency. Such agencies usually deliver faster due to having more people on board and producing content more efficiently, thus having more expensive packages for their clients.

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