What is a Website Application Firewall?

If you do business on the Internet, you need to have some form of security to protect your information and your visitor’s information from hackers and malware. Website owners will want to consider one option to protect their web pages with a Website Application Firewall.

A Website Application Firewall, or WAF, is a customizable, affordable server plugin or filter that offers enterprise-level security and monitors the different types of interactions on a user’s website. A WAF analyzes these conversations and interactions, and detects if there is malicious intent and/or a potential attack threat. If any threats are found, a WAF can block it and ensure that the information on your website remains secure and private. Essentially a WAF controls all network traffic and can act as a forcefield around your website online.

Research has shown that nearly half of website traffic can be generated by bots and not humans. Bots often come with malicious intent and can harm users’ websites. Nobody likes to see that the primary traffic source on a website comes from bots, and WAFs can ensure that the bots stay out and the humans get in.

SiteLock and Protection Power offer WAFs, providing a simple and easy setup for all users that identifies vulnerabilities and protects them from threats.

Hackers have been around since computers were created. With WAFs, users don’t have to make a lot of decisions in the setup process and can rest assured that their website is protected from most incoming threats, known or unknown. Often, small business owners with a small online presence don’t think that they need as much security, because they assume hackers prefer to go after websites belonging to banks, governments or large corporations. In reality, small websites are some of the most commonly attacked places in the online world because hackers have an easier time taking over these websites and stealing valuable information.

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