What is SiteLock’s Deep 360-Degree SMART scan?

Protecting your website can seem like a daunting task, especially with all of the options available and the new security threats that appear every day. Simplicity and convenience are what most people search for when picking security options, and that’s exactly what SiteLock offers with its deep 360-degree SMART scan.

SiteLock’s SMART scan was introduced in 2012 and has been providing users with an affordable and convenient way to detect and remove malware from their websites. The SiteLock Malware Automated Removal Tool, or SMART, scans the files in your website for suspicious pieces of code, viruses, and malicious content and removes whatever it can from your website.

SiteLock’s SMART scan is all about convenience. With the SMART scan, you can start a scan whenever you need, or set times when the service will automatically scan your website for you. Each scan comes with a detailed report of what SMART found. It’s entirely up to users to either remove the malware themselves, or users can simply press the “clean all” link to have SMART remove whatever malware it can from your website.

In order to scan the files, SiteLock downloads them and analyzes the files on their own servers to ensure that there is no performance degradation on a user’s website. After the files have been scanned and the malware removed, SiteLock synchronizes the files back onto the original website.

SiteLock’s SMART scan only removes what it knows to be malware. This way the scanner does not remove essential code or break users’ websites. If a file looks suspicious, SMART will put it into the “Suspicious Files” tab. It is then up to the user to look into whether the files are indeed malware or not and have them removed from their website.

With SiteLock, all of the worries about security are taken away and taken care of. Customers of the Remove, Perform, or Shield packages have the SMART scan included with their bundle. For more information check out some of SiteLock’s in-depth articles that explain how to set up the SMART scan and what settings help give the best results.

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