How to use the BulletProof Security plugin for WordPress

The BulletProof Security plugin for WordPress is a reliable and effective security solution that includes a one-click setup wizard, making it a great choice for WordPress admins who are concerned about site security, but may not have technical expertise. The setup wizard automatically analyzes your site configuration and applies the default security settings.

Firewall rules

BulletProof Security provides rule-based firewall protection by creating customized .htaccess files for your WordPress site. These are configuration files that add or change functionality on your website. For example, .htaccess files can enable password protection, redirection, and custom error messages. The BulletProof Security setup wizard enables .htaccess rules that prevent cross-site scripting (XSS), remote file inclusion (RFI), Base64, Code Injection and SQL Injection attacks, which can exploit security vulnerabilities.

Brute-force protection

Brute-force attacks are one of the most common threats against WordPress sites. These attacks attempt to log in to a site by using combinations of characters in the password until the correct password is guessed. BulletProof security protects against brute-force attacks by automatically locking user accounts after a specified number of failed login attempts. You can log all logins or only account lockouts and a number of email notification settings are available to keep you informed of potential attacks on your site.

Database backup

Even the best security measures can fail and this is when having a recent database backup is invaluable. BulletProof Security supports full and partial database backups that can be scheduled or run manually. Backups can be saved in a folder on the website or automatically compressed and emailed to you. There are even options to automatically delete old backups after they’ve been emailed or a specified amount of time has passed.

More information

Some of the many other features in the free version of BulletProof Security include:

  • Idle session logout
  • Auth cookie expiration
  • Error logging
  • Automatic whitelists
  • Front-end and back-end maintenance modes

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