How to use the search function in Outlook

Outlook’s integrated and powerful search features allow you to find messages in any inbox or folder. To search for an email, click the search bar and type a name, subject, or phrase that can be found in the message(s) you wish to retrieve.

Search bar

The dropdown menu to the right of the search bar allows you to target your search.

Target dropdown

Select a category within the Refine group to filter your search results:

  • From – show results from a specific sender.
  • Subject – show results based on the subject line.
  • Has Attachment – show emails with attachments.
  • Categorized – show results assigned to a specific category.
  • This Week – search by receiving date.
  • Sent To – search messages Sent to YouNot Sent Directly to You, or Sent to Another Recipient.
  • Unread – show unread messages.
  • Flagged – show flagged messages.
  • Important – show emails marked as Important.
  • More – filter your results by advanced criteria, such as Cc or Sensitivity.

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