How to take Outlook meeting notes using OneNote

Microsoft OneNote is a handy application for capturing notes during meetings, presentations, lectures and other events. Together with Outlook 2016, you can use OneNote to link notes that you capture in appointments and meetings.

To get started, open OneNote and select Home > Meetings Details.


Meetings for today, previously created in Outlook, will be displayed. Select a meeting or alternatively use the Choose a Meeting from Another Day option to capture notes for an alternative session.

Meeting selection

Meeting details will automatically be entered in the main notes pane.

Meeting details

Click Link to Outlook Item to view the original Outlook meeting invitation.

Outlook listing

You can also use the Expand/Collapse options to view the invitation message and attendee list. Proceed to capture your meeting notes in the OneNote application window.

Add Outlook Tasks via OneNote

While capturing meeting notes, use the Outlook Tasks button to create tasks from OneNote.

Outlook Tasks

Tasks will automatically be sent to Outlook, where they can be viewed and tracked.

Task tracking

Add Notes to the Outlook Meeting

If you’d like to extract notes from OneNote for display in Outlook, you can do so by opening the meeting entry in Outlook and selecting Meeting Notes.

Meeting Notes

In the box that appears, choose whether you’d like to share your notes with all attendees or restrict access only to you.

Sharing options

Select your meeting notes from the list of OneNote notebooks.

Notebook selection

Links will be inserted into the meeting entry to view your notes in OneNote or on the web, in OneNote Online.

Meeting note links

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