Password protecting your posts in WordPress

To restrict access to your WordPress posts, you can password protect the content in the post editor. To the right of the screen, you’ll see the Publish box. Click the Edit link next to Visibility to review the options.

Visibility settings

  • Public – the default setting allows all visitors to see the post once it has been published.
  • Password protected – allows administrators to restrict access to the post with a password.
  • Private – restricts post visibility to administrators and editors.

Select the Password protected radio button and create a password.

Password settings

Click OK, then Publish the post in the usual way.

Password protected post

Your post title will be displayed in post listings and archives, but will have a Protected prefix. Rather than the post excerpt, visitors will see There is no excerpt because this is a protected post. When a visitor clicks the post title, they’ll be asked for a password before the post content is displayed.

Changing a password

Note that only Administrators, Editor, or the post author can change a post’s password or visibility setting. To do so, click the Edit link next to Visibility to expose the password setting.

Removing a password

To remove password protection, simply change the Visibility setting to Public.

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