How to clear the cache in WordPress

If you’re running a large website with many visitors, caching can be an essential tool to optimize page load times. Find out why caching is important in this HostPapa knowledge base article: Why caching is important in WordPress. When using a WordPress caching plugin, you may find that changes made […]

How to install WordPress

You can install WordPress in a variety of ways, with options for those seeking simplicity or ultimate flexibility. In this guide, we’ll walk through each method, step by step. Installing WordPress with the Softaculous App Installer The Softaculous App Installer, available from My cPanel, supports an easy, one-click installation of […]

Why WordPress cache is important

In this article, we will explore why WordPress cache is essential and why you need a caching plugin. For large websites with many visitors, caching for WordPress is critical to ensure fast load times and an overall better visitor experience. It’s easy to use and, with caching plugins readily available […]

Basic WordPress SEO with Yoast

WordPress is developed using search engine optimization (SEO) best practices. A default installation includes features that help search engines gather information about your site’s posts, pages, and categories and include it in their databases. However, there are a few simple things you can do to make your WordPress site even […]

What is W3 Total Cache for WordPress?

W3 Total Cache for WordPress optimizes the speed of your website by creating and displaying static, cached versions of your dynamically generated posts and pages. Large images, complex themes and running a significant number of plugins can all impact web speeds. But no matter the size and speed of your […]

How to minimize your shared web hosting server usage

Ways To Minimize Bandwidth Usage The best way to avoid excessive server resource usage is to minimize your website’s bandwidth usage. This can often be achieved by completing any of the following methods (or a combination): Minimizing image sizes By minimizing the size of your images, whether by resizing, cropping, […]