Best practices for WP Rocket plugin configuration

WP Rocket automatically applies 80% of web performance best practices by default, so you should already notice better performance for your site.  On the first page, cache, the default settings are good except for one. Cache Lifespan is set to 10 hours which is the default. This should be changed […]

cPanel control panel overview

The cPanel control panel is used for managing your server settings. It supports a wide selection of features for working with files and folders, configuring DNS records, managing domains and sub-domains, managing email, working with databases, and much more. Accessing cPanel The cPanel control panel layout  cPanel statistics Files Databases […]

What causes excessive shared web hosting server usage?

On shared web hosting servers, there are a finite amount of resources available for use at any given time for all users on that shared server. If at any point one customer on the shared server begins using excessive resources, it negatively impacts the website and email performance of all […]