Issue: Page is uploaded but images not showing

If you see little red X’s on your web pages but your images aren’t showing, there could be several possible causes for this.

1. In addition to uploading the HTML page (whatever.html), you will also need to upload the actual pictures you want to be displayed. For instance, if you have a page called /whatever.html that shows “dog.jpg” and “cat.jpg,” you will need to upload all three files.

You will need to upload:

  • whatever.html
  • dog.jpg
  • cat.jpg

You should also upload your images to a separate images folder in your /public_html directory so that you can reference images always in the same folder. That will keep your website organized.

2. The HTML code must refer to these pictures correctly. If you are unsure about relative and absolute links, we would suggest reading a basic HTML guide.

Make sure that capitalization matches on the HTML code and the image itself. (Example, if you refer to the picture as “dog.jpg” but the actual filename is “Dog.jpg,” or you refer to an image as “cat.jpg” but the actual filename is “cat.JPG.”) These references must be exact for these images to be seen on your web pages.

If you need help with your HostPapa account, please open a support ticket from your dashboard.

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