How to set up a POP or IMAP account on your mobile phone

To set up a POP account on your mobile phone, it must first exist in your HostPapa account. If you have not set one up yet, please follow these steps:

  1. Log in to cPanel through your dashboard by visiting:
  2. Click on My cPanel.
  3. Click on Email Accounts found under Mail.
  4. Complete the Email Accounts form and click Create Account.

Need more help? Watch our tutorial on setting up POP email accounts in cPanel:

Next, configure your mobile phone by locating the POP settings and configure them as following:

  1. Email/Username: Your full email address.
  2. Password: Your email account password.
  3. Incoming Mail Server: For POP or IMAP accounts use
  4. Outgoing Mail Server: For POP or IMAP accounts use
  5. Incoming Port 110 (for POP accounts).
  6. Incoming Port 143 (for IMAP accounts).
  7. Outgoing Port 587 (for both IMAP and POP accounts).

For further assistance with a specific mobile device, please see the device provider’s help documentation:




Additional tip for iPhone users: If you receive the error message “This Certificate for your domain is not Valid”, ignore it. Make sure you go into Advanced settings in Mail Settings, turn off SSL, and change the incoming port to 110 (do not use 995!).


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